Contrary to popular belief, flimsy collapsible frames and light fabric are not what make a portable garage. Durable, good-quality fabrics and light but strong frames are necessary for your portable carport to withstand harsh outdoor condition. Thanks to technology, today’s manufacturers are producing much sturdier, longer-lasting portable garages than you might expect. But why should you invest in this type of garage? Here’s why:

1. Portability

Portability is the first and most obvious advantage of owning a portable garage. These units can be shifted to different locations on your property and brought along when you move houses. This does not however mean you’ll have a weak carport nor does it allow you to move it around on a whim. Even if it’s not meant to serve as anything other than a brief sun shade, a portable garage has to be firmly anchored. However, you won’t have to build a permanent foundation or prepare a special location for your transferable garage regardless of its intended function.

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2. Cost-friendly

If you need a structure that provides shelter for your vehicle or additional storage space, a portable garage is probably the least expensive option. Compared to their metal or wooden counterparts, canvas canopies and garages are significantly less expensive. Single car units can cost as little as $200-400 to purchase and mount, which is far less than what building a permanent garage of the same size would cost.

Of course, there are cost differences depending on the materials, divergent options, and sizes of these units. In overall, transferable garages offer more value for your money, leading to higher savings.

3. Easy and quick installation

Portable carports are relatively easy to install. Almost any surface will suffice for the installation of a portable vehicle shelter though an even surface is likely to provide added stability. Because permanent foundations are not required, it does not take much effort to assemble these units. While you won’t have to dig or drill, you need a strong anchorage structure for added durability and performance. Anchor kits are recommended. These come in various types, choice of which should depend on the type of surface your unit is to be built upon. Both temporary and permanent anchors are available for purchase. With the exception of the latter, garage kits usually include all the necessary parts.

Thanks to their simplicity of design, portable carports don’t need more than one person to assemble or dissemble. These units cane be assembled much faster and with a lot more ease than any other type of garage. To speed up the installation process, the canvas and framing are usually pre-cut while the steel joints will mostly come with ‘slip-fit’ connections.

4. Permits are usually not required

You won’t have to obtain any permits because a foundation is not necessary, and the unit won’t be attached to a permanent structure. Besides adding to your expenditure, permit applications can be time-consuming. As a precautionary measure, however, you’ll want to find out about permit requirements from the local authorities.


Protecting avehicle is the most obvious function of a portable garage. Even so, the other possibilities should be overlooked. These units can double up as a workshop or as an outdoor storage space. With the many styling options available, you can make your choice according to your needs and penchants.