People cherish premium quality taste in terms of drinking water and eating food. No matter how good cook you are, if you use tap water or edible water with foul smell, it may degrade the quality of food. Hence, to get the best quality taste in terms of food and drinks at places like restaurants, one must not shy away from installing a commercial RO purifier, where there is an increased need for purified water all through the day. Such commercial purifiers are also the basic necessity at offices, showrooms and other organisations.

How Is Commercial RO Different from Other Water Purifiers?

A commercial RO purifier can be easily installed and attached to a water cooler, which can directly provide you purified drinking water that is absolutely fit for consumption.

High Capacity

Unlike other water filters, they have increased water capacity and cater to a large number of people. Even if you are planning to have it fitted around your office premises, a single commercial RO purifier can purify around 500 litres in a day, which can easily fulfil the drinking needs of a big group of employees. This is not the case with the typical water purifiers installed at homes as they are designed to meet the needs of a small group of people.

Constant Supply of Water

Furthermore, such commercial purifiers come with an optional storage tank to store purified drinking water free from harmful microorganisms and other contaminants to ensure that there is a constant supply of drinking water even if there is no running tap water or electricity.

Extended Service for Commercial Purifiers

Along with the capacity of daily water output, commercial water purifiers, which are installed from premium quality brands, can be easily sent for servicing and fixed for free. Best quality brands like Kent offer free customer service for up to 4 years and within the first year of purchase purifier parts like carbon filter and RO membranes can be easily fixed and taken care of. Most brands offer extended free service for commercial water purifiers.

Even if you are sticking to the age-old practice of getting bottled water for your office staff and look forward to daily loading and unloading of water cans in your water coolers, change it now. Commercial RO purifier installations are only one-time investment and keep on providing uninterrupted water supply throughout except that you will have to get it serviced regularly.

Water purifiers are a must-have in companies, showrooms, factories and other such commercial establishments because they provide pure, healthy and tasty drinking water always. If there are a lot of employees in your organisation, then instead of installing two-three small capacity water purifiers, you may switch to a commercial RO that can be fitted to a water cooler so that the water purifier can cater to the needs of more people.