The first step to finding a good movie trailer producer (i.e. The Solid State) is doing your homework. This can be done by creating a list of knowledgeable producers. When looking for a trailer producer, make sure you look for one with experience working on similar projects as what you want worked on, within your budget.

Looking for a movie trailer producer no longer in the trailer production industry is a total waste of time. Be realistic and don’t expect a trailer producer focusing on movies with high budgets to run a project on a small budget.

Don’t also expect a trailer producer working from his studio full-time to work on a project outside the workplace. Here are some places you can find a good movie trailer producer:

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Top 4 Ways to Finding a Reliable Movie Trailer Producer

  • Referrals

Your family, relatives, neighbors and friends can refer you to a good movie trailer. Someone close to you such as a family member cannot refer you to bad producers without the right experience. What’s more, you can easily trust someone you are close to and even do what they advise you on.

Referrals must have had experiences with the person they are referring you to. Ask your referrals both the bad and good experiences they’ve had working with the trailer producers in question. With the information provided, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Don’t just ask once, keep on asking different people for comparison in terms of efficiency and cost.

  • Search Online for Local Producers

With today’s technological advancements, you can easily find a local movie trailer producer online. A quick search on Google can give you access to a list of the best local producers based on the type of projects they deal with, what they charge or even where they’re situated.

An online search can help you find a wide range of trailer producers to choose from. Before picking one, carefully read past client reviews and comments on their services. Customer’s reviews can tell you what experience you can expect from any particular pro producer.

  • IMDb

Movie trailer producers are readily available on IMDb, especially if you already have an account. All you need to do is pay for an IMDb account. You can then access a long list of film trailer producers within your account. As you go through the list provided, find producers dealing in genres similar to that of your movie trailer.

Look for junior producers within the film industry. They’re most probably starting out and can easily make their first film trailer production on a budget. Expect them to be more open and willing to listen to your script.

  • Backstage’s Call Sheet

Backstage call sheet features details about film festivals, movie producers, theaters, production companies, top casting directors, managers and movie trailer producers.

Search through a backstage call sheet database for the latest information on movie trailer producers. Choose the best professional from the list after making a few contacts for comparison purpose.


Ascertain that your project is in the best state before contacting any movie trailer producer. Do a thorough film trailer producer research and try to make a connection with them before opting for one. Opt for personal connections or word of mouth communication or with the producer.