If you are looking to get away from the rat race and want to do something a bit different, now may be the right time to consider chartering a yacht for your holiday. Last year I took a yacht charter Greek islands trip, and it really was the dream vacation of a lifetime. Perhaps you have heard of charter holidays before but always wondered what makes them special or are completely new to the idea.  Either way, in the following article we will look at what makes them so special or why you should consider chartering a yacht for your next break.


When you choose to charter a yacht for your holiday, everything can be tailored to the desires and wants of you and everyone else travelling with you. This includes everything from the utilities offered on board to the destinations you want to visit and what you may want to do on-shore.

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Flexibility and Freedom

Imagine waking from a restful night’s sleep to your favourite brew of coffee ready for you, surrounded by peaceful and beautiful blue waters.  No rush of crowds to bug you or stress you out.  Just you and those travelling with you and the chance to really relax and do whatever you want.  You can do as little or much as you want.


Most charter yachts, depending on your available budget, are fitted with a certain degree of luxury and comfort.  There is always a sense that they have been constructed with a high quality of craftsmanship and everything looks pristine.  Because everything is prepared for you before you board by the crew members and captain, there is nothing you have to do except get into the holiday spirit.  Most offer large family rooms with cutting-edge entertainment systems and other indulgent facilities so that your time on the rolling seas is never dull.

Chance To Visit Secluded Parts Of The World

The famous saying ‘the world is your oyster’ is more than applicable to chartering a yacht because it really opens up the world to you and gives you the chance to have the holiday of a lifetime.  Whether you want to cruise along the Caribbean or Mediterranean Seas or you can try something a bit more adventurous.  A holiday on a yacht can take you to the most secluded and magical parts of the world such as around the coast of Scandinavia, Northern Europe or even to the Pacific Islands or the colds of Antarctica.

Professional and Highly Experienced Crew Members

All your needs and wants will be catered for when you charter a yacht for your next holiday, by the highly trained and very professional crew.  From your food and entertainment to the general upkeep and maintenance of the ship while you are out at sea, everything is taken care of so you don’t have to worry.  If you are planning to visit the local towns when you stop at some foreign harbour, they will be able to direct you and advise you to the best eateries and other places of interest.

Although we have not covered every little thing that makes charter yacht holidays so special, we are sure we have given you a good indication of what you can expect.  If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and want to live in the lap of luxury for a short spell of time, worrying about nothing and not having to deal with the throngs of people you often find at the more regularly-visited holiday resorts; a charter yacht break might be the best thing for you.