If you plan to rent a car during your trip, the easiest way may be to take the car directly to the airport. At first you can have a visit at https://www.romeairporttransfers-italy.com/ for the best deals.


The car rental at the airport has a lot of advantages to rent a car from the airport:

  • You will already save the transport costs for the city center.
  • You save time. As soon as you arrive, all you have to do is put your luggage in the car and let’s go!
  • And on return, you just have to leave your car just before your flight!

The disadvantage is that, in general, the prices are higher, like everything in an airport.

To compensate for this, you must anticipate at all costs!

As soon as you have taken your flight, book your car! At least a month in advance!

Read the contract

Before signing, take the time to read the contract in detail! You will avoid unpleasant surprises!


Third party insurance is normally included in the rental price. It covers material and bodily injury to third parties even if you are responsible.

  • You can take out additional collision insurance that will cover the damage done to the car.
  • Abroad, find out about insurance terms!
  • Question of age
  • In Rome, the age is 21 years old. But it varies in other countries from 19 years to 23 years.
  • Sometimes a surcharge applies if the driver is under 23 or 25 years old.
  • Check the condition of the vehicle
  • The slightest scratch must appear on the contract.
  • When in doubt, tell the seller of any problems that do not appear on the contract.
  • Otherwise, you risk paying later..
  • Check tire pressure, wheel condition, headlights, turn signals, air conditioning, gasoline, etc.

Mileage and full

Make sure that the number of kilometers indicated is the same as on the contract.

In general, you must return the car with the tank filled. Check this on the contract when booking. And make sure the tank is full when you take the car.

Attention to the time of the return!

First, stick to the schedule so you do not pay more.Above all, plan an extra margin before taking your plane. The time to redo the verification of the condition of the vehicle and sign some papers. And then, you never know the traffic conditions, plan wide!

After some calculations and phone calls to limo companies, you’ll know if it’s worth it or not. Sometimes it will be a few more dollars, but is not a limo trip on the first day of the holiday with friends worth this little extra expense? You decide…

Inspection of the car

Take your time to take stock of the car. If in doubt, take pictures that are often what I do.This is probably the biggest trap to avoid when renting a car.Ditto the return, made the inventory with the landlord, even if you are in a hurry.