Aluminum is one of the most recycled items in the world. It’s very easily processed, and it can be recycled multiple times over. One of the biggest sources of recycled aluminum is from pop cans. Some places even offer money per pound! If you recycle aluminum st paul mn and want to know what can be made from your recyclables, keep reading because some are listed below.  


One of the most popular things made from recycled aluminum is cookware. One of the biggest reasons why cookware is made from aluminum is because it conducts heat without having a chemical reaction. It needs to conduct heat, so the food can cook and it’s important that it doesn’t have a chemical reaction because that can change the way the food tastes. In addition, aluminum tends to hold up well when exposed to high temperatures over time. If it didn’t, it would distort and become ruined after 1 or 2 uses. While many pots and pans have Teflon, the actual metal is usually aluminum. 


Another pretty common use for recycled aluminum is making bicycles. The biggest reason is because aluminum is very lightweight. This means that it handles well over several different terrains. This is a big reason why professional bikers like this type of material. In years past, aluminum used to be very expensive when making bicycles, but companies are finding ways to make the bike out of aluminum while selling it for an affordable price. More and more bicycles are made from this material and it’s much better than others in terms of weight and handling. 

Building Materials

The next thing that aluminum can be recycled into are building materials. One of the main reasons why recycled aluminum is made into building materials is because it has a few desired properties. For starters, it’s a great insulator. It keeps the cold in when it’s hot and keeps the heat in when it’s cold. In addition, it makes everything look good. There’s a certain aesthetic to aluminum and many people want this look. Finally, aluminum holds up well. It’s sturdy and can withhold quite a few different types of weather. Since it does well in heat, it also has a better chance withstanding a house fire. 


There are a few reasons why cars are made from recycled aluminum. For starters, the lighter material means you’ll get better fuel economy than you would if you were driving a car with a heavier metal. Another reason is because aluminum has a lower chance of rusting, which helps increase the life of the vehicle. The final reason is because it can be used on some of the interior pieces so the stuff in there will also make the overall car lighter. 

Keep in mind, these are only a few of the things that can be created from recycled aluminum. The fact that it can be recycled multiple times and it’s pretty sturdy makes it a great choice for many things! So, don’t be afraid to recycle.