A fireproof document bag is designed in a special way to keep papers such as driving license, bank documents, identity proof and more secure from fire hazards. These are made of different types of materials that are fire-resistant, and can also keep plastic covers and ink in the papers in the bags from melting due to high heat. Find out about some of the commonest fabrics that are used for making these types of pouches.

Fireproof Wool

It is typically regarded as the most flameproof natural fiber. It is tough to burn wool, and the fibers put out flames. Cotton, silk and other natural fibers are more fire-prone than fabrics of manufactured types although the fire resistance of these fabrics can be enhanced with special cloth manufacturing methods. A chemical solution can be used to treat natural fibers to boost their flame resistance. Once this type of material constructed of natural fibers is weaved tightly, its resistance to flame can be improved.

Nomex and Kevlar

Heatproof, strong aramid fibers are implemented in Nomex, Kevlar and other branded fabrics. These are well-known fabrics used for bulletproof vests and body armors, which are put on by law keepers. Fabrics such as Kevlar are fireproof by nature, more compared to any other fabric type. These are used often for manufacturing protective firefighting gear or for heat-proof gloves for glass blowers and welders.

Acrylic and Polyester

Fabrics such as synthetic acrylic and polyester on bags can pose risks while burning, as these types of materials can easily melt and leave burn marks on the skin when you hold them. However, in spite of such issues, such types of synthetic fabrics can be regarded as fireproof fabrics. When compared to natural fibers, these can prevent ignition at very high temperatures. Fire-resistant chemicals can also be used to treat synthetic materials, so as to make them more capable of resisting very high temperatures.


You can find 3 types of nylon being used in making a fireproof bag. There is Laminated Nylon, which comes with poly-vinyl coating over 70-denier fabric having 3-ply construction. These are stronger and are more resistant as compared to regular nylon. These fabrics are used in bags of all styles. You can find embroidered or silk-screen imprinted nylon fabrics of laminated variety.

Basket Weave or 1000 Denier Nylon is also available. These are high performance fabrics that can resist punctures, scuffs, tears and abrasions as well. These are commercial fabrics that can last for the longest time. Urethane coating on them ensures resistance to water as well. There is also 200 Denier Nylon, which is strong yet very light in weight. These come with polyvinyl water-resistant coating. Most of these are made for bags that are supposed to be taken for travel. Manufacturers can opt for silk-screen imprinting on these fabrics.

Expanded Vinyl

This is a form of fabric that can be expanded, and comes with a leathery grain as well as a vinyl coating. These are used most often in making zipper wallets. Manufacturers can imprint the fabric with silk-screen technology to make them more resistant in form.