Do you own or manage a:

  • Café.
  • Events/wedding venue.
  • Museum or exhibition space.
  • Community centre.
  • County show.
  • Christmas markets.
  • Or plan to host a large party at home?

Bearing in mind that the fridge and freezer space in your establishment is already in use, do you have enough capacity to cope with increased demand or for a one-off event that is being catered?

Are you likely to be positioned in the middle of a field, in an outbuilding, in a car park or foyer? Don’t worry, there is a perfect walk in fridge and walk in freezer solution available at competitive rates from hire companies that offer peace of mind.

Please remember that any food and refreshments served to the public must meet health and safety and food hygiene legislation. This means that even if you just serve teas and coffees to guests, all the ingredients must be of an excellent quality so placing 40 pints of milk by a shady wall when fridge space is full is not acceptable.

Walk in cold rooms offer the capacity to hold great amounts of stock and they can be worked in without contravening regulations which can be a huge benefit when kitchen and preparation space is at a premium.

Walk in freezers and their fridge counterparts can be installed internally or externally, can be immobile or mobile and walk in cold rooms are frequently constructed on site so there’s no anxiety about whether the facilities will fit through doorways. Wherever they’re needed, they can be delivered and working within a surprisingly short time.

Leading hire companies like Icecool Trailers, who cover Berkshire, Hampshire, the Home Counties, the Thames Valley, London, the Midlands and South Wales, supply fully maintained, hygienic, cost effective walk in fridges and freezers in varying capacities on a pre-bookable and 24/7 emergency service.

Take a couple of minutes to check reviews to ensure that you use the most reputable service provider. Also, get a few quotes and if one seems vastly different then this should raise concerns. Why is the fee not resembling the others? Is there a problem with their facilities?

  • Walk in fridges and freezers are available in different sizes.
  • The facilities are set up by the hire firm’s team.
  • They deliver and collect the facilities which saves the client time and effort.
  • There is no self-drive/towing option and no fuel costs incurred.
  • Professional hire firms don’t waste time or add to your stress.
  • Units are insured but the stock placed in them requires a policy to be obtained by the client.
  • Units are secure and keys are left with the client.
  • Emergency walk in fridge services are available 24/7 through leading hire firms.
  • Walk in freezers and cold rooms are powered by mains or generator.
  • Staff can work in the cold rooms.
  • If you need walk in freezer or cold room space for a day, week, month or quarter, that won’t be an issue.

Speak to a leading service provider about securing your catering peace of mind.