Consumers are seeking solutions and products online at an increasing rate; one look at the high streets around the UK emphasises that standing still in our constantly changing marketplaces can expose a company to ruin. Get ahead of the trend; please don’t blithely follow it.

Your company website and blog posts are accessible 24/7 globally. Very few high street shops can boast an open door to their premises at 3a.m. The content placed online is not merely there to fill space; every piece, every word should work hard to engage consumers, tempt them to learn more, return to the blog, make a purchase and, when blog marketing truly is effective, you’ll find that your existing client base will serve as unofficial brand ambassadors.

You may think that the odd comment on social media is enough effort, but your limited number of characters can’t achieve what a creative piece can.

Please don’t handle PR marketing in-house. Experts like the team at Ceres PR exist because they have proven time after time that their knowledge and experience produce significant returns on investment and increased market share.

Each marketing agency campaign is as unique as the client they work for, but most utilise blog marketing because it is cost effective and the content informs consumers about the brand and its core values, the product range updates, discusses industry news, consumer topics and reviews products without overtly selling to the reader.

Few people enjoy being sold to; hard sell approaches tend to send consumers away with a negative impression. An advantage of blog marketing is that an unobtrusive call to action can be included as a reasonable suggestion which steers the consumer firmly in your direction, for example “Why not browse our winter sale pages for a great deal,” or “Please contact our team for more details on the new model.”

Working with a professional PR marketing specialist ensures that the brand’s voice is consistent, the language appropriate to the market is employed; what is the reader’s level of expertise? Are the blogs B2B or B2C oriented? Will the person be comfortable with jargon in the blogs or do you need to explain points which seem simple to you with your degree? Striking the right balance can be tricky for the untrained blogger.

Utilising the skills and popularity of an influencer is an exceptional PR marketing tool. When you launch a new food product, think how powerful a respected food blogger’s recommendation to their 20000 followers could be. Their fans want to emulate them, so your profit margins could swiftly enjoy a boost. Your ongoing communications must reinforce the influencer’s confidence in the brand and product; blog marketing sustains interest and content can be shared easily, spreading the reach of the blog to generate new and repeat business.

If you don’t win consumers and actively maintain your relationship with them, they will find a more positive option; often that’s your business rivals. Take advantage of marketing agency blogging power today for a strong tomorrow.