People with thin eyebrows try out every pigment, powder, gel, pencil or stencil available in the market and are still unable to get the results they desire. During their hunt for a fix, they will come across the term microblading. What is microblading? Simply put, it is a permanent solution to sparse eyebrows and can change your brow life completely.

This face tattoo technique is different from the regular tattoos because the procedure involves implantation of pigment under the skin with the use of a manual handheld tool rather than a machine. This means that it is not as deep as normal tattoos, but it is similar to it because the pigment is implanted under the skin. One week before the procedure, you need to stop taking blood thinners, alcohol and aspirin.

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Microblading is not very painful and it only feels as if you are getting scratched, which may hurt a little, but is bearable. Topical numbing cream is often applied for dulling the discomfort. However, you should remember that aftercare is a very important. You need to protect your eyebrows from all moisture, which means no washing your face with water and no sweaty workouts.

During the first week, some people are known to experience some redness and itchiness. Likewise, your eyebrows will look a bit darker initially, but will lighten by nearly 30 to 40 percent. You will be provided with aftercare ointments to counteract any issues. Depending on your lifestyle and skin, microblading can last for a good three years.