Planning a trip to China? Learn Chinese easily with the best apps right on your phone! Whether you are new to the language or an advanced learner, these apps are great for developing your Chinese speaking skills! Complete interactive lessons that use a variety of teaching mechanisms to help you learn Chinese quickly. With over 1 billion people speaking Chinese worldwide, this is a skill you want to have!

Don’t have time to attend a Chinese language class? No problem! Learn Chinese free anytime and anywhere with the best Chinese learning apps right on your phone. Cover the basic words and phrases, work your way through fun lessons and learn to speak fluently. Access handy phrasebooks, dictionaries and translator tools too! With these great apps at your fingertips, learning Chinese has never been easier!

Flashcards games with Learn Chinese Mandarin Words

Learn Chinese Mandarin Words is a great choice if you want to learn Chinese characters and words using flashcards! Start by learning how to read and pronounce Chinese characters. Work your way through specially designed flashcard lessons and build up your Chinese vocabulary. Learn the most commonly used Chinese words and practice them on your way to China! Customized lessons help you reinforce words you had trouble learning. Want to put your Chinese vocabulary skills to the test? Play the more challenging and interactive game mode!

Find your way around with Learn Mandarin Chinese Phrases/Chinese Translator

Want to learn the most common Chinese words and phrases? Learn Mandarin Chinese Phrases/Chinese Translator brings everything together in one handy phrasebook that will help you in any situation. Want to order food at a restaurant? Quickly find the phrases you need using a smart category system. All phrases have been recorded by a native speaker, so you can practice your pronunciation! Learn the words at a natural talking speed or play them slower too. Master your speaking skills by recording yourself and listening to your voice. This is great for ensuring proper word stresses! Easily get around town with handy phrases accessible anytime right in your front pocket.

Learn at your own pace with HelloChinese

HelloChinese is one of the top Chinese learning apps for Android and iOS. Learn Chinese online with interactive lessons that are super fun to complete. You will easily become addicted to HelloChinese, with its award-winning games and great rewards system. Practice your listening and speaking skills with videos and recordings by native speakers! Tune in to a weekly podcast for great lessons that bring in fresh content. Want to review the first lesson you took? No problem! Take lessons as many times as you want and advance at a pace you are comfortable with. Before you know it, you will be speaking Chinese fluently!

Get ready for your next trip to China by learning the most common Chinese words and phrases when you are on the go! No need to sign up for an expensive class when you can learn for free at your own pace and in your own time. The best way to learn Chinese is just a few taps away and in your front pocket. Whether you want to cover the most basic words, learn a variety of phrases or speak Chinese fluently, these great apps for learning Chinese are exactly what you need.