A funeral service is a real part of life. There are other options, such as cremation, but overall, there needs to be plans in place and clear expectations on what the person wanted, hopefully shared before their time of passing. Depending on the culture or tradition, a few of the things you can probably expect at some funeral services include the Eulogy, kind words from family and friends, and the burial.


This process can be tough for even the closest to the deceased. When choosing someone to do the Eulogy, you want to have someone that knew the person personally, if possible. They are the ones that have most likely witnessed this person grow into who they were before they died. The Eulogy should be heartfelt and represent the good things that the person will be remembered by. It may be one of the person’s longtime friends, or even friends that lost touch, but know and remember the kind person who is now gone. Sometimes, if the person was close to the pastor that is conducting the funeral, the pastor may be the one to do the Eulogy. If there is no one available or known to the person, then whatever church the funeral is held at will most likely have their pastor do the Eulogy.

Words from Family and Friends

If the deceased was popular, you may hear about their past. Good stories and memories that were shared with various people. These old friends and family members were there and went through things with this person. They can share their stories and sometimes even bring a laugh or to for the grieving attendees. These stories can help remind us of the good that our deceased offered while they were here. When my dad passed away I was happy to hear the great memories that his friends had with him. I knew he was a good person, and it was good to hear that other people thought of him as good also. When it came time for his funeral we planned a Signature Funeral Services.


All the funeral is tough, but this part can be most challenging. Death is very final. There’s nothing like seeing your loved one for the last time and seeing their body being buried, to be seen no more. This is where you gather around to say your final goodbyes as you see them lowered into the ground. At this point the funeral is over. If you’re up to it there may be food and drinks at a location for the family to mingle with the guests.

Funerals are hard to attend. Even though there are a few things that are definite, such as the flowers, maybe a scripture reading, and possibly a song. Other than that, the casket can be opened or closed and there can be a small or large crowd. The few things you will most likely see are the Eulogy, Kind words from family and friends, and the burial.