Breckenridge rates as one of Colorado’s number one destinations attracting thousands of tourists each year. Whether you want a mountain getaway in one of the breckenridge vacation rentals or spend a couple of days hitting the slopes, this makes an ideal place for a vacation. With a wide range of tourists from solo travellers and families to dedicated skiers, everyone is welcome. If this is your first trip to the resort, keep reading and find out the essentials about visiting one of the United States’s best skiing spots.

How to Get to Breckenridge

Most domestic and international visitors fly into Denver International Airport. It takes on average two to two and a half hours from the state capital by car. If you arrive at the airport, either take the bus or rent a car. The best method of transport depends on your budget, driving skills and time of the year. When the snowstarts to falland the mountain roads are icy, it might not be a good idea to rent a car if you don’t have experience driving in wintery conditions. Getting a car in the summer, on the other hand, allows you more flexibility to explore the surrounding mountains. Alternatively, if you’re planning to splurge on your trip to Breckenridge private transfers are available too.

Knowing the Best Places to Stay in Breckenridge

You have a variety of accommodations types to choose from to suit your interests and style. Most hotels can be found in Breckenridge Town. Expect a high-level of comfort at moderate prices. The hotels in this part of the region provide easy access to all of Breckenridge’s five peaks. If you’re visiting in the winter and plan to spend most of your time hitting the slopes, stay in the town. Those who plan to have their vacation in the warmer months can choose between various lodges and cabins around the mountains. But it’s a good idea to research the type of things in the area before booking it. The last thing you want is to find you need to drive 30 minutes to the nearest restaurant.

During the winter in the height of the skiing season, regular shuttle buses take tourists from one ski resorts to the next. The free buses are a lifesaver for those who stay a little further away from the pistes. With a decent network of routes, relying on the shuttle is usually a practical way to get around. However, you should also choose wisely and consider all the possibilities before booking. Besides, having a central location is of paramount importance for easy access to the bars and restaurants.

What Every Tourist Should Do in Breckenridge

The main appeal at Breckenridge are the endless opportunities to go skiing and snowboarding. More than 200 trails pass through the mountains catering to all abilities from the newbie to the experienced. There are also plenty ofdouble black routes and backcountry skiing to get the adrenaline pumping. If it’s your first time, you can learn how to ski at one of the schools before building up the courage to plunge down the pistes. And families often enjoy learning together or giving the children the chance to join them on the slopes.

Other attractions include making an effort to learn about the former gold mining town’s past. Just over 100 years ago, people flocked to Breckenridge in search of gold. Flash forward to the present and this legacy remains as a big part of the town’s heritage. Stroll along Main Street and admire the buildings that once housed Breckenridge’s miners. You can also visit some of the museums to gain a deeper understanding into the town’s past. When the snow falls over the buildings, it creates a postcard image in the winter. And in the warmer months after the last bit of snow has melted, tour groups take visitors down to the mines and give them the chance to pan for goldin the river themselves. If you find something, you can keep it!

Things Families Should Know About Breckenridge

Breckenridge is a massive hit with families at all times of the year. If you’re coming from warmer climates, it gives the little ones the chance to experience the snow. Other wintertime activities include riding the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster, enjoying a magical Christmas and learning how to ski. When families visit in the summer, parents can allow their children to enjoy the great outdoors.

Food and Drink in Breckenridge

Despite its appearance as a small mountain town, Breckenridge has its fair share of cafés and restaurants rivalling any city in the United States. Main Street has everything from award-winning restaurants to burger joints as well as fast food, sushi and bars. Cafés burst with skiers in the morning before the faithful hit the slopes. The bars fill up in the early evening with enthusiastic winter sports fans unwinding after a long day. If you’re planning to spend all day skiing in the winter, it might be a wise idea to plan meals times to avoid the crowds. Or bring a packed lunch and eat when you’re having a break.

The Only Thing Left is to Enjoy Yourself

Hopefully, this article has shown that Breckenridge is a fantastic destination for a vacation. Whether you want to go skiing in the winter or soak up the natural beauty in summer, this small mountain town will exceed expectations. Just remember to consider where you want to stay, embrace the family-friendly nature and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Few visitors leave Breckenridge feeling disappointed. And you won’t either if you consider these suggestions.