Any homeowner can argue that fire alarm systems aren’t necessarily a part of a well-rounded home, but the numbers would not support that claim. While it can cost a great deal of money to install a reliable alarm system, it’s well worth the cost. In 2016 alone, there were over 1.3 million house fires in the United States. These fires took a remarkable toll on individual homeowners and families.

Over 3,300 people lost their lives to a fire in 2016. And that’s just the year 2016 alone. There are thousands more deaths that mount up over the decades. It’s one of the reasons that apartments are now obligated by law to have fire alarms installed. Is a fire alarm enough though? For most homeowners, the answer has become no. A fire alarm in a single room might not be audible to other people in the home. For conscientious homeowners, only a home-wise alarm system is going to do the job.

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The government agrees that fire alarms are important. There have been massive pushes at legislation over the past two decades that require apartment owners to install at least a minimal amount of fire detection systems in their units. The batteries must be constantly maintained in these as well. Sometimes they produce false alarms, but they’re well worth the false alarms given the enormous danger of fire in an apartment complex. Owners have quickly realized that the cost of installing alarms pale in comparison to the costs of a real fire.

Human life is always the first thing you should think of when you think of these alarm systems. They are created to protect human life first and foremost, although protecting property can be an important component in inspiring good systems as well. A home-wide fire detection system is going to be more than just one fire alarm in a hallway or bedroom. It’s going to be a comprehensive unit that will alert everyone in the house AND firefighting teams in the event of a fire.

Home security itself has been a booming business in recent years, as people have realized that it’s well worth the money to pay for home security against invasions and fires. Whether the threat is a criminal trying to get in or a fire that starts somewhere in the house, you’ve got a constant lifeline to professionals who can ring for help when you need them the most. In most cases, they’ll know about the threat even before you do, and they’ll have it taken care of before you can even realize what’s going on.

Anyone who wants to protect the precious life in their home will consider a more comprehensive fire system. This alert system will serve as a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week watchdog for the property and human lives within your home. Once you’ve got one of these systems installed, you’ll find that you’ve already taken an important step to remaining safe and sound in the face of all threats.