When you’re a business and you’re considering developing an app, there’s a lot to consider. First and foremost, you’ll have to make decisions as to the general type of app you’ll create. Development firms like Buildfire recommend considering an option like a progressive web app, which has the overall look of an app with the programming simplicity of a website.

Along with the technicalities of building an app, there are also some general trends to consider along the way.

The ultimate objective of building any mobile app or progressive web app should be filling a need. By looking at the trends and what current app users are searching for, you’re better equipped to develop something that is useful and is more likely to be relevant to your targeted audience.

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Gaming remains one of the most popular general app categories, but this isn’t necessarily something that is going to translate well to the business world.

Gaming apps generate revenue through options like in-app purchases, and while it is possible to be really successful with a game app, there are also far more failures.


The rising popularity of shopping apps is good news for a lot of businesses. There are the big names in shopping like Amazon and Flipkart, but because of how popular these are and how widely used they are, it’s paving the way for smaller businesses to be part of the equation as well.

Users of shopping apps do expect features like advanced search criteria and discount opportunities. When businesses introduce shopping apps, they also have to think about high levels of security and protection, and making the checkout experience as easy as possible for users.

Productivity and Convenience

If you can come up with an app that improves productivity levels of the user or provides them a convenience, you’re already offering something they want.

Productivity and convenience-centric apps are among the most search general categories, and they have grown exponentially in recent years.

Even the simplest things, such as searching for photo apps and grocery apps have gone through the roof. To be successful with an app, you don’t have to necessarily reinvent the wheel.


Apps that help people or their families learn new information or even new skills are also incredibly popular. For example, people tend to search for apps for children that help them learn new skills, and adults do the same.

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Self-improvement apps are in high-demand, and this can include apps that aim to help with health and fitness as well as apps that help people improve themselves mentally. Examples include exercise apps, yoga apps, and meditation apps. Even though this is a market that’s full of a lot of options, it is so popular that there always tends to be room for a high-quality product.

Finally, another area users are searching for are apps that help them save more money, invest money, or make smarter budgeting and finance choices.

These are all some general categories that can help businesses get started if they’re planning to introduce a mobile app in 2018.