Slot halls Storm Casinos, a part of the international chain managed by Storm International, are the elegant entertainment places with 10 different locations in Germany. Also, Storm Casinos work with unique Storm’s bars and restaurants.

Storm Casinos are in Frankfurt am Main (three different locations), Mulheim an der Ruhr, Fulda, Aschaffenburg, Simmern im Hunsruck and Bensheim. All places have an interesting casino concept, organize events, special parties and shows. Storm’s bars and restaurants are integral parts of the chain; it is the perfect choice for a lunch or dinner event.

Darren Keane, Storm International CEO, said Mulheim restaurant is very popular. People often visit it for breakfast, because restaurant has daily breakfast buffet. From time to time barbeques, seasonal specials and themed parties are held here.

Sports Bar in Fulda is very famous for billiards competitions, darts and poker tournaments. Besides, they have the best burgers in town. Darren Keane noted that place is very popular for inviting family and friends, organizing corporate events, birthday and Christmas parties.

Storm’s bars and restaurants have a rich menu and a wide choice of tailored drinks. One of the specialties of the chain is an individual entertainment for guests.