When it comes to storage in your home, it’s much more than just having a place to keep your items until they are used again. Storage is a style and statement choice for your home. Coordinating a well thought out solution in your home doesn’t have to be limited to function. Beauty, craftsmanship and tradition all come into play when making a selection of this type of furniture.

Whether you are seeking a sideboard, dresser, bookshelf, end table or shelf, there are many inviting configurations that will bring an exclusive Scandinavian flair to your home. With choices this attractive and versatile, they become multi-room solutions that allow your creativity to show, while keeping your items tucked away in classic, stylish safekeeping.

Contemporary Choices with Modern Convenience

Finding a sideboard with multiple functions provides the perfect option to add this piece of furniture to your viewing and listening room. The Kabino sideboards allow you to tuck connectivity and technology inside with room in the back for cables to be placed, creating a strong, clean look. The perforations in the front of the cabinet allow for use of remote controls, keeping everything tucked away and functioning perfectly.

For a retroactive look that reminds one of the 1950s, the Jalousi version of the sideboard has unique and innovative sliding doors that allows the Nordic design shine through in this stunning addition to your storage collection. Perfect for storage of many in-home items, this sideboard works in the dining room, bedroom, hallway or anywhere you are looking for a stylish way to keep your items out of the way.

Coordinating cabinets and end tables, along with five and six drawer dressers make complimentary pieces available if you are seeking to build a room surrounded with the clean look of Nordic design. There’s no need to worry about where to store extra items, dishes, books or anything you need out of the way with these choices, available in a selection of attractive colors, materials and finishes.

The materials used in these attractive pieces range from lacquered oak veneer, solid oak legs, natural ash and steel. Work bookcases and the Extend shelf provide open storage solutions that allow your creativity to shine through while providing an attractive setting for placement. Inspired by industrial shelving, these versatile displaysallow for extensions, putting you in control of the height and usage.

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Interior Choices that Stand the Test of Time

Reflecting back to an earlier time with strong, classic lines and a laid-back style that reflects the desire for a relaxed appearance, these pieces are collections that will fit into your lifestyle and bring a refreshing, modern look into your home. With materials, colors and designs created with your taste in mind, bringing Nordic design into your home is as easy as finding the solution your needs, choosing a color to work with your interior palette and making it your own.

With the ability for several of the pieces to be stacked or used with extensions, you can create unique combinations of color or symmetry, depending on your individual preferences. Create a strong color line for a minimalist approach or add a splash of color to a room that’s perfect for it. There are no limits to your creative license when you spend time decorating your home with these timeless pieces and creative accessories.

Browsing, selecting and purchasing is easy with a seamless process that brings the item from the page into your home with ease. You can choose from having the items brought to your home or enjoy white glove service, with the items unpacked and delivered within your home. Storage solutions have never been so attractive or so easy to incorporate into your life once you see the many one of a kind options for any room in your home. Scandinavian heritage and décor are the additions you’ve been searching for.