The use of surgery to restore certain parts of the human body is known as reconstructive surgery. This form of surgery is employed by plastic surgeons such as those at the Stein plastic Surgery owned by Dr. Adam Stein. Based in Raleigh, for more than the past 14 years, r. Stein has over 27 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery, particularly, facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Stein has been working as a plastic surgeon and claims to be an expert in the genre for more than 20 years for which he has undergone rigorous training and striven to gain extensive as well as exceptional knowledge in the discipline. It is his excellent personal relations with his patients that makes his Stein plastic Surgery such a sought after organization for any kind of changes in the physical features of an individual.

You may have witnessed a lot of people around you with some form of physical deformity that is either acquired at birth or sometime late due to an accident. These kinds of people require the reconstructive surgery in order to make the particular body part function in the most optimal manner. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, reports that more than 1 million reconstructive surgeries are performed annually.

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Reconstructive surgery can be of various types, some of these are mentioned below:

  1. One of the most common types of surgery among women is the breast reduction or breast reconstruction. Sometimes an abnormality might be found in the breasts causing them to be unusually large and as a consequence leading to its improper functioning. There are a lot of men too who undergo this procedure.
  2. People who are affected by maladies, which include the cancerous as well as non-cancerous tumors in the feet or hands, often resort to a surgery. The problem of webbed feet, or extra toes and fingers are also corrected with the hand and feet surgery.
  3. Individuals who have incurred a burn or some serious damage can take the help of reconstructive surgeries such as grafts to get back their proper look.
  4. Caner affected patients can avail the microsurgery or flap procedures to mend the deformed body parts acquired as a result of the disease.
  5. The most popular form of reconstructive surgery is the facial surgery which innumerable people have gone through to make amends in some facial feature that they own. Cleft lip, snoring, or even sinuses can be rectified with the help of reconstructive surgery.

This is a very delicate issue related to the human body, hence anyone intending to go under the knife has been very cautious in selecting the most capable and efficient surgeon. Remember that any experienced surgeon will have a detailed talk with you prior to conducting any surgery on you, even if it is the minutest. He/ she should take you through the entire process, prior and post the surgery, verbally, before you can even finalize. Only after you feel confident in your surgeon should you consent to going through such a drastic measure in your life.