The Soka Gakkai International appears to be just like any other institution that preaches a particular religion, Buddhism and endears to spread it across the world. Founded by Daisaku Ikeda, it actually started its journey at least four decades back in 1975, and since then, it has been persevering hard to come up in multiple locations and preach a new Buddhism, the one that the world has never seen. As of now, they are the world’s largest Buddhist organization with more than ten million practitioners embracing much more in more than 192 countries. Buddhism has always had the concept of peace and cultural exchange for harmonious living at its roots, and Soka Gakkai International wiki page refers that they have harnessed upon these principles to give a better shape to the ever-growing cruel world.

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The world war had torn apart the entire world, with deeper impact on the oriental nations. As the two major bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki has swept away millions of future generations together, the world needed something to hang with and look for peace and stability. SGI somewhat came up and held hands of these distraught people and helped them gather themselves together to stand up and live a better life.

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Life is one, and God has gifted this life only to prosper and do something good not just on the own, but also for those around. So when the entire world was suffering from anxiety and misery, a peace movement started holding hands of Nichiren Buddhists, one of the most peace-loving sects across the world and choosing Daisaku Ikeda as the founding president of the SGI. Japan has been the worst victim of the Second World War and hence it was the place that started re-visioning the world which was far away from their dream.

The journey began then, but it was something that couldn’t be stopped. It comprises of a global network of affiliated organizations and taking figures from 2011, they had already found their presence in more than 192 nations. There’s some confusion with the Soka Gakkai for sure, which is a domestic Japanese organization, but Soka Gakkai International wiki page says that SGI is completely different from the former and is an independent body, even though the headquarter remains in Tokyo.

All the affairs are being carried out in their local language and completely on their own with no external help. SGI might be headquartered in Tokyo, but they have never lost the chance to help distant lands and their administrative bodies to start up with new projects, come up with land acquisitions and construct new buildings. The SGI members have always practiced Nichiren Buddhism and it is the karma they believe. As you sow, so you reap is what they are more focused on. Faith, practice, and study- these three pillars will define how successful a man is in life, and they must be erected straight all throughout.