When a business decides to have glass walls for office incorporated into their overall area layout, employees are likely to benefit from reduced noise levels will being able to see what is going on around them. Glass walls will require a bit of maintenance so they retain their pristine appearance. Here are some steps that can be used to keep glass walls in the best of condition.

Avoid Affixing Material To Glass Panes

It is best to inform employees not to use their glass walls as a bulletin board area for notes or photographs. Using tape or other adhesives on glass panes can lead to residue, which can be difficult to remove efficiently if it is left in place for a long duration of time. Glass panes should remain free of any paper products as well as hardware to ensure it has a clear appearance for many years. Nameplates can be attached to the framework around a glass wall so they do not mar the pane.

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Position Panes In The Right Locations

It is important to place glass walls in spots where they are not at risk of becoming dirty or scratched. Making sure panes are placed so people have enough room to walk into office space without brushing up against them is best. Glass walls should also be kept away from air vents to minimize the amount of dust that will settle upon panes.

Use The Right Solution To Remove Streaks

Glass walls should be wiped down with an appropriate cleanser. Using a cleaning agent made especially for glass is best, as it will not leave behind residue or streaks after it dries. When cleaning a glass wall, a squeegee or piece of microfiber cloth can be used to remove the solution from surface. It is a good idea to use a vinegar/water mixture every few months to deep clean glass panes as well. To retain a smooth surface, car wax can be applied to each side of a glass pane. This type of agent will fill in any porous portions of the pane, giving it a shiny, clear appearance as a result.

Do Routine Cleanings Of Office Space 

It is important to clean the office space around glass walls for office on a routine basis. This will keep the amount of debris that settles upon glass walls at a minimum level, making it easier for clean up processes. Vacuuming carpets will reduce the amount of dust in an area in an effective manner. It is also best to keep any chemical cleaning agents away from glass walls so a layer of film does not end up on panes after a cleaning process is done.