Climbing on a professional scale requires hard work, good timing and a little luck. It would be great if your degrees, skills and reviews of your performance have opened the door for you for a superior position. But life does not give us things so generously. You need to design and execute an effective plan.

  1. Learn perfectly your current job

Even if you do not intend to do the job you have now for your whole life, do it in a best way possible. Keep an eye on what you have achieved. Find ways to increase your efficiency. Make cost reduction proposals after you have done a thorough research. Be positive about positive criticism. Be always prepared to deal with any situation without having a defensive attitude without blaming others and without destroying your professional profile.

  1. Offer to take extra shipments

Plan your strategy. Sometimes it is better to take on a range of smaller tasks, along with your daily workload, instead of an impressive big project. While everyone on your arbejdsmiljø will compete for who will take on the most valuable tasks, you will prove your worth by successfullycompleting the less desirable.

  1. Make your boss feel he is the best

Even if you do not particularly like your boss, set as your personal goal to convince everyone that your department is effective. When your boss goes on a higher level, someone else will take his place. And is up to you if  you are the chosen one. If the bosses of your company  thinkthat you are experienced, skilled and interested, they will see you as someone who deserves to be promoted. Just be careful not to give the impression that you are trying to win the manager’s favor and do not always stay on that. If you are dismissed for inability, you do not want the ball to get you.

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  1. Have a good relationship with the human resources department

By spending time with the members of this department , you will have the chance to get instantly informed about the opening of a job. The human resources department can also advise you on available training opportunities. Make it known to everyone that you have long-term goals for the company. When deciding to whom to offer career opportunities, you definitely want to be on the list of human resources selections.

  1. Have good relations with all of coworkers

One thing is for sure, that  you will not like everyone in your office. But no one needs to be aware of it. Be polite, discreet and respect  all of your partners. Work with team spirit and share praise with others. And pay attention to your reputation: Keep your personal relationships secret and never do or say anything at the office, on a business trip or at a party for which you will regret the other day.

  1. Let your leadership be distinguished

In order to climb on a professional scale, you need to show a strong profile that shows you are born to be a manager. Encourage others at the office, recognize their own accomplishments, and occasionally organize meetings out of the office with colleagues. Suggesting going for a drink after work can help you become a team leader more easily.

  1. Prepare the one who follows you

If you are the only one that you have some certain tasks, there is always a fear of doing the same job forever. Share your knowledge and experience with others. When you leave for a holiday, ask some others to take over something you would do and teach them how to do it in a best way.

8.Find a counselor

Find someone to trust, preferably an older manager with a lot of experience and good interfaces. Ask for advice. Talk to him about your career dreams and plan your strategy. Sometimes it is necessary to change course to get a different experience, and return later to your preferred place but in a higher position.

  1. Be always ready

You never know when the opportunity will come up. If you come across a senior person by chance, be advised in such a way that he wants to know more about you. When you network or meet customers, you definitely want to remember them for the right reasons. Never boast about your abilities and do not be pressured. Ambition is an admirable feature, but it can prove to be extremely negative if you are a figurine.

  1. Attention to timing

Usually, it’s best not to ask for promotion. Avoid mentioning it when you understand that your boss is stressed because he has to meet a deadline. Choose cleverly when you say it and let everyone know you feel ready to take on extra responsibilities.

Do not give the impression that you are in a hurry to get a raise and a new title. Be patient. We do not get promotions like that. You cannot expect to offer you promotion based solely on your value, abilities and aging. There will be times when someone obviously less talented will take the place you think you deserve. Do not surrender to childish tantrums because you will prove to them that you were never the right person for the job. Stay in your seat and continue to follow all the above pieces of  advice. You may have an even better position or one that has taken your promotion to fail and promote you. Stay focused on your long-term business goals. Maintain your honesty, confidence in yourself and keep trying. And remember, whether you will eventually get the promotion depends on you.