Rhinoplasty or getting the nose job done is fast becoming a rage not just among the celebrities but locals too. The question that arises before the patient is which surgeon to consider, what procedure to be followed, recovery time as well as after surgery precautions to name a few. The results expected by the patients as told by the doctors can vary in some of the cases. Such patients prefer to go in for secondary surgery or revision surgery. Dr. Dean Toriumi is master in this field and knows well how to satiate the needs of the different patients accordingly.

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Dean Toriumi believes in a one to one conversation between the parties involved

As per Dean Toriumi, patients opting to go in for rhinoplasty should make a complete search online and look for the best surgeon in the field. One must be satisfied with the skills possessed by the surgeon. Before and after the surgery the changes should be visible and noticeable. A consultation between the doctor and the patient should be carried out before starting the surgical procedure. This is in order to understand the concerns of the patients and answer all the questions or queries in the mind of the patients.

In fact, it is the best time when the patient can get complete information about the procedure being carried along with the recovery related tips for the success of the overall process. It is a well known fact that when it comes to recovery of a patient after the surgical procedure, it varies from patient to patient due to various reasons like the healing of the individual body, current health status, etc.

Precautions necessary to be taken before the surgery

Other factors include smoking habits, age of the patient, whether the patient consumes alcohol or is alcoholic, process carried during the surgery and much more. Various precautions must be taken before the surgery in the form of:

  • Avoid taking medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, any kinds of supplements either herbal or vitamin E 2 weeks before and after the nose job.
  • Since nicotine is bad and affects healing hence smoking should be given a miss for at least 2-4 weeks before the surgery.
  • Collect all the medical prescriptions related to the rhinoplasty procedure and put it in a file or bag so that it can easily be located at the time of surgery. This might help the doctors in case of some complications or consultations if required.
  • Since breathing is a major task and becomes little difficult after the surgery hence cool drinks as well as lip balm to provide the right kind of moisture to the lips.
  • Arrange for an attendant who is trusted as well as willing to help the patient before and after the surgery.
  • Clear what all is there in the mind and come to terms with the doctor before the surgery itself rather than regretting or complaining at a later stage.

To conclude, experts like Dr. Dean Toriumi must be consulted and all the fears rested in front of the doctor by asking as many questions as possible. It is better to ask when one has time in hand rather than post surgery when nothing much can be done.