PLANET EXPRESS is a US based company which was founded in 2017. Their headquarters are located in sunny California. This company provides service of delivering in order for people living outside of America and wants to buy something from e-commerce websites.

We all know that how we feel when we want to buy anything from online websites but the suppliers do not deliver that outside America. This is not compulsory to live in America if you want to buy anything from America but some merchants do not provide delivery outside America. So, now here is the good news for all, we can order and receive anything we want in or outside America with the help of Planet Express. Yes! The Planet Express provides services for mail forwarding and package forwarding to the people living outside the United States.

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So, now you don’t have to stop shopping at US sites. You can shop for anything now like electronic equipment, clothing, cell phones, home appliances, novels, furniture, beauty gadgets etc. Planet Express is linked to all e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, best buy and many more. The next time you want to shop or order something from the United States then you can contact Planet Express. You just need to order something from an e-commerce website and provide your Planet Express address instead of your home address and then planet express will deliver your order at your home address which is out of the United States.

You first need to create an account Planet Express website by providing your details like name, country, and email address. Once you are registered, you will get a US mailing address and after that, you can select any plan to receive your packages at your home. You will get secure packing with best shipping rates.