As online informational systems get more sophisticated and intuitive, it is becoming increasingly clear that traditional education system is one big joke. In fact, consider for a moment a thought experiment.

If we were to reset civilization, with the current level of technology, would we at all be entertaining the idea of a traditional educational system that consists of:

  • Decades of going to large physical buildings, which cost money to build and maintain, in order to listen to someone talk for about an hour at a time.
  • Forgetting 70% of what you’ve learned. That’s right, look up ‘knowledge retention rates’.
  • Exposing your children to exclusively peer environment, which is the worst one for a proper socialization of children. Not to mention the issue of bullying.
  • One curriculum for all, no matter the cognitive need and makeup of your child, and no matter the future economic prospects that such a curriculum would engender.

Obviously, such a system would be completely inappropriate and you would be considered nutty for even entertaining such an inefficient and wasteful way of doing things at a time of developed digital technology.

However, cultural inertia is what it is, and it will take many more decades before it loses steam and legitimacy. Tweaking such a system, which is basically a Prussian model of education based on agricultural seasons and the need to produce loyal soldiers and bureaucrats, will always be viewed as a ‘legitimate’ way of “fixing things”, instead of completely resetting it.

‘The Case Against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money’, by Brian Caplan, is an excellent book if you want to learn more about it. Although, it would be more accurate to name the title of that book as ‘The Case Against Credentialism’.

What is Credentialism?

Credentialism is a misplaced emphasis of acquiring status for the status sake. A certain number of years gets you through elementary school and high-school, and surprisingly enough, you end up completely economically useless to the market needs. But you do have that holy government certificate!

Of course, certificates are needed to signal to potential employers that you have just the right skills to make them pay you lots of money. Nonetheless, how and why you acquire such certificates makes all the difference in the world.

For example, consider e-careers as your online certificate model. As the market needs evolve over time, e-careers offers a flexible way of adapting yourself to the changing economic currents, leaving you impervious to market downfalls.

In particular, as the UK real estate market continues to grow, you can earn a CeMAP qualification, which will allow you to tap into that wealth of opportunities. People will always need a roof over their head, so learning about marketing mortgage products and associated finance sector, will never fail you. Moreover, you can acquire CeMAP qualification on your own terms, choosing even the type of courses that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

All things considered, on e-careers platform, you can investigate 15 careers, and every single course offered would make you more economically viable than 12 years of government education. Therefore, all you have to do is understand that we have the traditional educational system because of the societal inertia, and not because it is something that is valuable and offers you a desirable future.