You’ve most likely heard of Napa Valley in relation to the northern Californian wine country goodness of the surrounding countryside. To be sure, the world famous wines of California are definitely close at hand in this region, and you can spend a lot of time visiting the famous wineries, doing tastings, and simply admiring the hundreds of miles of lush farmland that make up the region. But even if you aren’t a wine person, there are a lot of attractions and activities in the Napa Valley region that go beyond just vineyards and fine wines. So if you’re considering a trip to Northern California, then steer your RV rental in the direction of Napa Valley.

Castello di Amorosa

This castle is an absolute must for anyone visiting the Napa Valley. Built by a local eccentric millionaire, this castle was meant to match the famous European and English castles, and all it takes is one glance at the exterior to see that this goal was matched and then some. This castle is absolutely stunning from front-to-back, and you can take an unguided or guided tour through the interior that you won’t soon forget. This is truly a marvel of architecture and grandiosity, and is a legend in the area. Anyone visiting Napa Valley should certainly give it a visit.

Fine Dining

Due to the large amount of visitors each year, Napa Valley has spawned an unbelievable range of restaurants and is known for its fine dining and top rated chefs. Napa Valley is definitely as much a foodie heaven as a wine enthusiast paradise, so if you’re looking to extend your palette then make sure to do your research before your trip so that you can get in the top restaurants during your stay. There are so many fine dining options here that it may be hard to choose on any given evening.

Sonoma Serengeti

I bet you never thought there would be the opportunity to head out on a safari in the heart of the Napa Valley, but with Sonoma Serengeti you have just that. This sanctuary includes giraffes, wild cheetahs, and wildebeests. You can rent a comfortable hut and stay the night, waking up to see giraffes grazing just feet from the front porch. This is a truly unique experience that is made even stranger due to the fact that you’re not in Africa but in the heart of wine country. It is highly recommended that you take a break from the wine and head out on a safari while you’re in Napa.


Why not let your RV rental rest for a bit and hit the road on a bike instead. The Napa Valley area is known as one of the best areas for biking in the nation. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, so biking through it is quite an experience. There are many back roads in this region that are perfect for long rides, and you just don’t know what beauty is until you’ve zoomed through the wine country for a few hours on a bike. There are many rental spots where you can grab a ride, and there are even bike tours on offer so remember to research these if you’d rather a guided tour. No matter the type of experience you choose, definitely make sure to get out on a bike during your stay.

Hot Air Balloon

You may have been on a hot air balloon previously, but there isn’t anything like a balloon ride through Napa Valley. This countryside is lush and scenic even while walking on ground level, so you can imagine that this would be tenfold from the sky. It is impossible to describe just how amazing the view from high up in a hot air balloon is when soaring over the Valley, so you’ll just have to schedule a ride and see for yourself. It is guaranteed that you won’t regret it.

Oxbow Public Market

If you’re in the mood for an eclectic shopping and eating experience, then make sure to check out the Oxbow Public Market. You can easily spend hours wandering this funky and eclectic market. Here you will find multiple stalls selling everything from clothing to jewelry to fine arts and crafts. You will also find many stalls serving up an amazing variety of food. Definitely make sure to bring some cash when you visit Oxbow, because you will definitely want to sample some food and will most likely leave with some goods.

Napa Valley is about more than just wine. This is a gorgeous area and an eclectic community with lots to offer for any visitor. If you’ve always thought that there was nothing but wineries in this area, then you’ve obviously never been here. If you want the best and quickest way to come through Napa Valley in an RV rental San Francisco is the starting point. Lucky for you, there are reliable rental companies to work with in the city.