Technology Is The Key To Your Recovery

The medical staff at Accident Care And Treatment Center, Inc is specifically trained to care for and focus on auto accident injuries. Our top-notch team is just one of the great reasons to choose us as your premier treatment center if you’ve been involved in a car accident recently. Another great reason to see us? Our cutting edge technology, scanning equipment, and advanced testing allows all our patients to recovery more quickly then they would at a traditional treatment facility. These technological advances allow us to clearly and quickly diagnosis our patients so that we can get them started on a specific therapy and treatment plan that is designed to have them feeling great in no time.

Our state of the art equipment is all on site and tested daily for maximum accuracy and efficiency. When it comes to diagnostic testing, we are the experts in efficiency and accuracy. To meet all our patient’s treatment needs we offer only the most current techniques and technology as well as a staff of technicians trained that has been specially trained to work with this equipment.

Fast & Accurate Lab Results

In this day and age, its safe to say that we like things a little faster. From our internet to our food, we don’t want to wait. The same can be said for getting a diagnosis. Our onsite lab work gives our patients the most accurate and fast diagnosis available today. We trust the Piccolo Xpress to accurately test your blood sample. This system allows doctors to address your injury issues and provide you with a better overall treatment. The Piccolo Xpress gives our medical professionals feedback on your sample in only 12 minutes! The accurate and quick results are created by the machine’s own intelligent quality-monitoring system.

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Comfortable & Versatile Ultrasound Scanners

At Accident Care And Treatment Center, Inc we like to push the technology envelope with all of our diagnostic machines. Our HI VISION 6500 ultrasound scanner offer the user high-resolution images without the hassle of traditional machines. This comfortable and noninvasive scanner is perfect for assisting in a variety of diagnoses. The HI VISION 6500 offers wideband pulse inversion imaging. This process allows for a more detailed image of tissue, which in turn allows for a accurate diagnosis for the patient.

Comfortable MRI Systems

Traditional MRI machines are bound to leave anyone feeling a tad claustrophobic, but not at Accident Care And Treatment Center, Inc. At our facility we are equipped with the Airis Elite Open MRI System. This system was designed with the patient’s comfort in mind. Instead of the traditional “canister-style” machine, the Airis Elite has two flat magnets above and below you, while the side of the machine are left open. This “open air” design reduces anxiety in many patients and is also great for overweight or obese patients. Open MRI machines like the Airis Elite are also much easier for children to use since traditional style scanners can be a scary experience for many children.

The Airis Elite is also capable of performing the same advanced imaging techniques that were previously thought to be reserved for only high-strength machines. However, this mid-strength MRI is able to perform techniques like CHESS, which is a method of suppressing feedback from body contents such as, fat and water that might obscure the image. With Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc.’s cutting edge technology, our MRI images have excellent resolution. This allows our medical staff to provide a more detailed and accurate diagnosis. If you want the job done right the first time, your best bet is to go to our facility located in Oklahoma City for the best treatment available.

Rapid Heart Testing

The MAC 1200 is how our licensed medical professionals are able to take a quick look at the electrical activity of your heart. In only about five or ten minutes our electrocardiogram machine, is able to show and help diagnose any abnormalities that may be occuring and that can be indicative of a possible heart condition. Commitment to quality means everything to us and that is why we have found the most accurate and effective tools available today. We take great care to examine your heart for any potential indicators of a cardiac condition.

The Best PAD Method Available

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is a condition that is characterized by intense cramping of the limbs (usually the legs) after exercise. This widespread condition is caused by blocked or narrowed arteries in your body. The ABI test or Ankle Brachial Index test is the most effective way for medical professionals to diagnose Peripheral Artery Disease. Your physician will first compare the blood pressure in your ankle to the blood pressure in your arm. If there is any difference in the circulation in both of these areas, your doctor will most likely recommend further testing. This testing will enable them to find the cause of the problem and if you are in fact suffering from PAD.

At our medical center in Oklahoma City we use the Vista ABI machine to give us the most accurate and rapid testing for PAD. Some options included in this cutting edge machine include, automatic cuff inflation and deflation, and seated exam capabilities for patients with limited mobility.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions concerning our medical diagnostic technology, contact us today. We are committed to bringing all our patients excellent service and treatment.