Maruti Suzuki is one of the largest automakers in India by volume. It definitely has what it takes to keep this momentum in the years to come. And like always, it is this Indo-Japanese automaker that has one of the most numbers of eyes in the upcoming Auto Expo 2018.

And by this, we don’t only mean that Maruti Suzuki has a long list of upcoming cars on the block, ready to be showcased, but also a good range of technological affairs. As for an example, the long-awaited Maruti Swift and Maruti Swift hybrid would be taking up a huge corner of the Auto Expo floor.

But apart from this, the company will also bring in the Concept Future S compact SUV too. This new concept will be one of the stars that would be studded at Maruti Suzuki’s gallery at the India Expo Mart some days later.

But here is the catch. The biggest star in the entire hall of the company will be concept model of the e-Survivor and is the primary reason for people to be excited about. And not to miss out, the quirky design is what makes it the stand out model.

Something more about e-Survivor concept

The concept e-Survivor was first displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017. It became an instant hit in the industry due to its unique styling and a true blood off roader tag. Despite being a rather small off roader, the concept amused one and many due to its compact size and open-top, two-seater layout.

The Maruti Suzuki e-Survivor concept has large and thick wheels, high ground clearance and almost zero overhangs. And seeing the design, it could well be understood that it was based on the ladder-frame chassis. On the mechanical front, the e-Survivor concept had four electric motors, one for each wheel and a literal all-wheel-drive mechanism.

What more in this Auto Expo 2018?

Maruti Suzuki is looking to get into this Auto Expo with a good motive too. The motive is to educate aspiring auto enthusiasts with the mechanism behind hybrid technology. Hence, the company will also be displaying a good functioning electric-petrol powertrain, just to show how the mechanism actually works.

Hence, if you want to know more about the science behind hybrid mechanism, you know where you need to head to.

Maruti Suzuki’s future in electric mobility

Hybrid cars at the Auto Expo 2018 may not sound very attractive. But when you speak about Maruti’s future in the electric mobility, the things look bright. Presently, the Indo-Japanese automaker is on a collaboration with Toshiba and is busy setting up a lithium ion battery plant in Gujarat. Plus, the company has also announced that it will join hands with Toyota in order to work towards bringing the electric cars in India by 2020.

The bright ending

Presently, Maruti Suzuki has mild hybrid technology working in India and this is branded as Smart Hybrid Vehicle System (SHVS). This technology does include the assistance of an electric motor but in the least way possible.

However, with the way things are going and with the way the company is talking about and readying a more sophisticated hybrid mechanism, it might not be very long before the system actually hits Maruti hybrid cars in India. And if this becomes true, the company would be able to cope up with the changing automobile regulation and demand in the best possible way.

That said, let’s not forget that we might see some other harsh regulation on IC cars coming into force in the near future. For more information of hybrid and upcoming electric cars, follow, one of India’s leading automobile portal.