Mark Arabo feels that there will be a change in the way philanthropy will evolve in coming years. Mark feels that there will be increased awareness among people and there will be increased government awareness and help

Know about Mark Arabo’s Philanthropy Trends

The government can go for tax reductions when people involved in philanthropy. Several natural calamities are happening, and there are more floods occurring on a recurring basis.

The government will have to encourage people to make sure that they spend something on charity and giving a discount on tax is a better option for that. There are chances that government looks for donor advised funds and other methods of funding will take place.

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Natural calamities along with war ravages do increase the need for charity, and these types can make an impact on investing.

Cloud type funding will take place, and there will be less dependence on fewer wealthier investors, and this can ensure that more people who have been kept outside the purview of philanthropy.

According to Mark Arabo, digital usage of social media has ensured that people kept outside the purview of a place can give help and that means people can donate fund to international organizations like Red Cross and they can help people in war-ravaged countries.

In some cases, philanthropy is more than cash and people can donate their services to health care and other services like reporting the news and spreading it through social media. Many people who have been languishing in their home country and had been forced to flee from the places have preferred treatment due to growing influence of social media.

Women role in philanthropy has increased, and many women executives are willing to work in organizations that support philanthropy. There is more woman participation from different parts of life, and they have taken additional responsibility of traveling to a place and working their way out solving issues.

How to ensure that false organizations never come into play?

In many cases, an organization might have to say a big no. This will happen when there will be tainted organizations, which will come with an offer to make payment. Mark Arabo feels that organization should stand for certain values and should reject donations from terror outfits and other firms that use donation as a sole method to park illegal money. There should be clear accountability and clear transparency to all financial dealings, and people should start to invest based on metrics rather than emotions, and that means donor-based funding will get more prominence and it can be used to use for improving charity. The organizations that offer money can be traced to their activities, and this is where digital funding will come to fore, and there will be clear following of government laws. More marketing of news through online portals has ensured that there is no shortage of funds from globally remote places and there are more health organizations that have tapped into philanthropy activities, and this has benefited many people in Warzones of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.