The Royal Canadian Mint 10 oz. bar is one of the only 10 oz. bars in production today by any national government. Each bar carries an exceptionally high level of purity (.9999 fineness, where most silver bars are .999 fine). With this being the case it is one of purest silver products available for silver investors. Each bar is stamped with the Mint’s logo, a unique serial number, the purity and the weight. It has serrated edges that make it unique along with the bullion finish. The back has the Royal Canadian Mint logo repeated on it to give it a magnificent finish. When you receive this bar it will come in plastic to protect the finish.

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Unlike most silver you buy, this comes in in 10 oz. bricks. They are of the utmost quality. Most of the silver you think of buying today is coins and specialty coins. The 10 oz. bars are unique in that they are not as common as silver coins. When you buy coins, they are only 1 oz. These bars allow you to buy 10 ounces at once. This allows you to buy more ounces at a time and make your investment go further. You would have to buy thousands of dimes, or thousands of quarters to make the same investment in silver bars. The only exception is that dimes are worth 10 cents and quarters at 25 cents. They don’t have price increases like silver bars do. Silver bars are sold globally all year round even when currencies aren’t doing well. This makes investing ins 10 oz. silver bars lucrative.

People who buy silver coins and bars are doing so as an investment. Many believe that our currency will one day not be worth anything at all. When this happens, the paper money becomes worthless because there is no money to back in the federal reserves and it isn’t worth what it was. This happens over time and diminishes our investments because they don’t hold as much value as when you invested the money. People who invest in Royal Canadian 10 oz. silver bars hold their value with time. Because they have a .9999 fineness it keeps its value over time and easily traded or sold all over the world where markets are doing well. Silver bullion bars are far better for investing than currency.

Why buy Royal Canadian 10 oz. silver bars from First Fidelity Reserve?

We have been in the mint coin and bar collection for years. With this unique 10 oz. bar it allows you to have the diversity that you want. It is stylish and holds its value because of its purity. This makes investing in your bars very rewarding. They will not lose their value over time because of their purity. There will always be a demand for these bars. The Royal Canadian 10 oz. silver bar is recognized globally and that makes it a wise investment choice.