The man has always wanted to discover the secret of remaining young forever. A scientist has been working for years to find out the ways and means to stop the aging process. Although they could not found the process of stopping the aging process they were able to reduce the process of aging. The secret behind this phenomenon is the presence of nitric oxide in blood flow.  It is responsible for the dilation of arteries thus increasing the flow of blood in the heart. Resulting in the better working of cardiovascular activities. Thus improves the overall performance of the body in various physical activities.

Benefits of Nitric oxide in blood

Increases the fast recovery of the damaged cells: Increase of nitric oxide in our body cause more supply of nutrition to muscles, as the increased presence of nitric oxide in blood dilates the blood vessels. Hence increases the availability of oxygen and the availability of nutrients to the cells, resulting in the fast recovery of the cell.

Increases the resistance power of the body: The power of the body to perform physical activity depends upon the availability of oxygen in the blood. The more the supply of oxygen in the blood the better a number of nutrients available to the cells.

No2 in the Body

Provides more energy to the body: The dilation of arteries due to the availability of more nitric oxide in the blood results in more energy to the cells and hence to overall body.

How to make the nitric oxide available to the blood?

As you grow old the availability of the nitric oxide in the blood starts decreasing.Hence the person starts feeling fatigue after doing physical activities. Although the body produces its own nitric oxide in the presence of sunlight. Still, with the growing age, one requires nitrous oxide supplement to cope up the decreased amount of nitric oxide in the blood.