A carb is a simple molecule. It plays key roles in the immune system, fertilization, blood clotting, preventing pathogenesis and development of blood. The term is common in bio chemistry. It has a synonym named “saccharide” which is cumulative form of starch, sugar and cellulose. We found carb in various foods. There are rice, wheat, maize, sugarcane, potatoes, fruits, table sugar, milk, and bread full of carb. In animal food source there is carbohydrate in form of glycogen. There is carbohydrate in plants too. The skin of the plant, the tissues is the source of carb.

Elimination of carb

We youngsters are leaving carb in our daily food habit. They may help you lose weight. But the importance of having carb in our daily food is not less. It is good to choose carb in lower quantity to maintain the health as well provide the elements in body in low level. So, we can eat low carb flour roti to balance both ideas. We can take the low flour roti happily. With media and science magazines, we have come to know that carbs are the culprit for weight gain. Everyone is rushing to revise their diet and lifestyle. The first change has been the high carb high protein flour roti. Apart from this we need biscuits, breads, cakes to deny.

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Low carb flour roti and low carb flour food:

The most versatile keto-compliant flour is the source of Low Carb Flour Roti

Flour made from almonds, sesame, flax and psylium are all ingredients to make flour and low carb flour roti.

They have to rich in minerals and essential vitamins

Food that is suitable for diabetics and those are on low carb diet.

High fibre is good and supplementary to low carb flour roti and diet.

The goodness of low carb flour roti

There are low carb flour roti in the market which helps you feel fuller for long time and cuts down the tendency to have snack at an interval. This low carb flour roti helps to reduce insulin intake and keeps fat storage comparing to normal roti. It is a good source of omega-3 and iron. A low carb diet the metabolism flexibility and losing weight. It helps to reduce the gut health to.

We are taking food to live healthy, if this low carn flour roti will help you to reach that target ,there is nothing like that.