If you have been considering growing strawberries hydroponically using BHO equipment UK and more, then today you are in look. In this post we are going to be discussing some top hydroponic strawberry growing tips based on our experience. Keep on reading to discover how to grow strawberries hydroponically in the greatest ways…

Getting started 

  • Use a starter plug – For a quicker harvest you should get a strawberry plant plug from your local garden or hydroponic store
  • Clean soil from the roots of the plug – Gently shake your plug to get rid of the bulk of the soil, then soak in water and rinse under cold water to get rid of the rest
  • Secure the plant – Clay pebbles are recommended for this
  • When planting is important – First of all plant with the crown slightly low and then pull it up so that it breaks even with the top of the growing medium for best results
  • Once plugs are well rooted –You may see flowers within a few weeks
  • Although you may see flower buds – The first flower buds should be pinched off to help further healthy growth from occurring, after this strawberries should grow greatly in abundance

Strawberry varieties to start with

When looking to grow strawberries you will find that there’s a large range to choose from. Ever-bearing and day-neutral plants are often chosen from beginners, with popular strawberry plant varieties including:

Day-neutral varieties – Albion, Seascape, Quinault, Tribute, Mara de bois

Ever bearing varieties – Ozark Beauty, Ft. Laramie

Growing conditions

When it comes to growing strawberries you should always follow advice given to you by your hydroponics provider as all plants require different conditions. However, some conditions that all strawberry plants can benefit from include the following

  • PH levels of 5.5 to 6.0
  • Salt PPMs of around 800 to 900 during early growth stages and then 400-500 during fruiting stages
  • Water temperatures of 65 to 72 degrees F
  • Minimum of 6 hours sunlight or 12-12 hours of artificial grow lighting use
  • Low humidity
  • Pinch runners off to enable fruits to flourish as much as possible, don’t let things get in the way


Luckily for all strawberries pollinate themselves, however without the help from wind and bees when growing strawberries using hydroponics equipment you should brush the blossoms together to transfer pollen from the stamens to the pistils.

What’s stopping you?

If you have bene thinking about growing strawberries in this way we recommended that you go ahead, you will likely be surprised at just how easy it is. Discuss with your local hydroponics store today for further advice and leading guidance.