When people think of roller shades, the word “chic” does not usually come up. However, there are ways that you can really upgrade the look of your room without losing out on the functionality of the roller shade. Here are some tips on choosing or creating super chic roller shades.


Have you ever thought of mounting your roller shades inside of the jamb? When they are wall mounted in the traditional way above the window, you lose much of the look that you could achieve. Mounting inside the jamb leaves a cleaner finish, adding to the overall elegance of the room. It is far more streamlined and keeps the look from becoming amateurish.

Conceal the Mechanism

ost roller shades come with a box that hides the actual roller. These are definitely useful, but you do not have to give up style for function here, either. You can increase the chic of your shades if you match the color of this mechanism to the shade color itself. If you have the budget, you could also have a valence custom built by a professional to blend in with the background wall.

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The Reverse Roll

You do not actually have to use a valence box at all if you want to streamline your look even more. The reverse roll is when you allow the shade to hang down over the roller’s front side. This helps to hide it from view, while the traditional way of hanging it actually brings it out more (and most people would agree this is not a streamlined or chic look).

Use Transparency to Your Advantage

Shades are produced in different opacities on purpose – sometimes a very pronounced look is the right move. However, this does not happen often. In most cases, we like transparency around the 3 to 10% range. You may need to hire a designer to inform you of the nuances here, because they can begin to run together if you do not know what you are looking for. However, realize that blackout rollers are usually only necessary when you need extreme privacy – for instance, if you need to block your kids’ room from the outside world.

The tips above will help you streamline your rollers to look like a luxury item, even if you bought them on a budget. Keep this in mind every time you conduct a new treatment so that you can keep your entire home looking chic, regardless of the season or current trends on the market!