You have thought long and hard about the new windows you are getting for your home. You have considered the style, materials, price and the energy efficiency they offer. Now, you have finally bought them and are now eager to see them installed. The problem is that choosing a window fitter demands the same consideration as the choice of windows. This is because windows need to be fitted properly or else they will not be able to fulfill their purpose and lead to problems down the line.

Don’t focus on saving a few bucks and look for a professional window installer to prevent issues such as air and water leaks in the future.

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The question is how to choose a window fitter? There are some things you can look out for when considering the different window fitters at your disposal:

  1. Check and see if the window fitter has been certified by an approved body. Your installer needs to have some certifications because this gives you assurance that they have the right qualifications and know what they are doing. The last thing you want is to spend money on new windows, only to have them ruined due to poor installation.
  2. Never make the mistake of making your decision on the basis of rate. Yes, saving money might be tempting, but going for the cheapest rate is very risky. You have already spent so much on buying new windows and in your desire to save some money; you might throw your investment down the drain. However, it is also essential to remember that the highest price is also no guarantee of quality services. Therefore, you should let the cost be only one factor and not base your entire decision on it.
  3. While there is no problem in hiring a renowned installer for putting in your windows, you should bear in mind that large companies tend to charge more. In contrast, there may be a local installer with the same skillset and accreditation, who will be willing to work according to your schedule and in your budget.
  4. Don’t opt for a service before you have done your research. This means you have to verify if the installer is indeed certified as they claim. Next, you should also take a look at their recommendations and reviews. You can ask them to provide some references of old clients and you can talk to them. But, you should also do your own research and look for reviews. This is because they might only offer you references of satisfied clients. As long as you are thorough, you will minimize your chances of making the wrong choice.
  5. Ask them for a quote. If they are ready to give you one without taking a look at the work, it is best to drop them. If you find some installers with equally good reviews, you can make the decision based on price then as they will be offering you quality work either way so you can choose as per your convenience.