One of the best thing about the new year is that it’s a time when you can reflect on your life. You can figure out what isn’t working for you and how to change some of your habits to improve not only yourself, but also your relationships with other people and your vision for your future. Whether you’re going to give up smoking and switch to Juul e-cigarettes or find ways to become more attuned to pop culture by watching films like People You May Know, there are lots of ways you can change things up this year to become a more well-rounded person.

One of the most important ways to change your life, though, is by making healthier choices. By following these strategies, you’re sure to start 2018 on better footing.

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1 Exercise more


One of the best ways to start the year is by exercising more. In addition to a plethora of health benefits, exercising also helps with things like concentration, stress relief, and productivity at work. So, for example, if you’re keeping a diary or committed to reading more this year, spending a little more time at the gym or doing morning yoga means you’ll be better able to focus on those activities.

Of course, you can’t just tell yourself you’re going to exercise more this year; you’re going to want to come up with a schedule and concrete plan to figure out what works for you. Something to consider trying is ClassPass, which is offering a 70 percent off deal for the new year right now. What this exciting new fitness company does is provide you with a pass to many different classes in your area, so you can try out various workouts at different gyms, to find out what works best (and is most enjoyable) for you.

According to some clients, this simple change led to a 75 percent rise in time spent exercising; however, if ClassPass isn’t for you because you really want to get your exercise in for free, make sure to check out this list of the 50 best free workout resources online.


2 Improve at work


Regardless of how much time you spend at the gym, you’ll probably still sometimes feel stressed and overwhelmed at work or in everyday life, and stress can have a very negative impact on your overall health and well-being. That said, the average worker is productive for only two hours and 53 minutes in the average workday, so finding ways to boost your productivity will make a big difference in your workday and reduce your overall feelings of stress and anxiety.

Changing your work habits and improving them to become more productive is one way to help reduce stress. One great strategy to make your time at work more productive and less stressful is to make a short list at the end of each day detailing what you’re going to do the next day. That way, you stay organized and on-task first thing in the morning, setting the pace for the day. Additionally, spending less time online is a smart idea, according to Lifehack. Not only will it prevent you from wasting time, but you’ll also feel more focused.

3 Be more optimistic

Additionally, if you’re looking for a new job in 2018 (for example, answering questions for money as an online tutor) or undertaking a challenge like trying to drop extra weight, you want to make your approach as positive as possible. After all, optimism is so powerful it can save your life: according to the Harvard Gazette, in a study completed by the Nurses’ Health Study, “The most optimistic women had a 16 percent lower risk of dying from cancer; 38 percent lower risk of dying from heart disease; 39 percent lower risk of dying from stroke; 38 percent lower risk of dying from respiratory disease; and 52 percent lower risk of dying from infection.”


This is another reason to detox from social media, too. We aren’t saying you have to delete your Facebook or Instagram altogether, but it is a good idea to disconnect every once in awhile for a day or two. The fact is that being on social media forces us to compare our experiences with other people’s and become competitive, which can lead to anxiety and depression. It’s a better idea to disconnect than to stay obsessed with whatever is going on in the lives of your followers.

In conclusion


In today’s busy, chaotic world, it can be difficult to know how to make healthy choices. At the end of the day, however, it’s all about making sure you practice self-care and slow down enough to enjoy life. By using these three simple strategies — exercising more, staying on top of things at work, and being more optimistic — your life will improve dramatically in 2018.

Are you looking forward to making some changes this year? Which do you think will be the most challenging, and how do you plan on making them happen?