Living in apartments comes with certain decorating limitations and challenges compared to living in your own house. Although you might not have a front porch to decorate for the holidays, there are plenty of other ways to make luxury 14th Street apartments look festive for the season. Use the following tips to decorate your apartment for the holidays this season.  

Hang a Wreath on Your Front Door

You might not have a front door leading outside as you would with a house, but you can still spruce up your apartment’s front door with a holiday wreath. If you’re skilled at crafting, make your own wreath to place on your door. If not, you can purchase beautiful wreaths at local stores. If your apartment building has rules against hanging items on the outside of front doors, you can put your wreath inside your place instead. 

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Get Creative with Christmas Trees

If you don’t want to take up a lot of space in your apartment but you still want a Christmas tree, look into alternatives. For example, you can get a smaller tree that sits on your countertop, or you can set up your own decorated Christmas tree branches in stylish vases around your home. This lets you be festive without having to sacrifice much space in your apartment. 

Drape Garland 

You can add a holiday touch to luxury 14th Street apartments easily just by draping garland in certain areas. Consider draping garland around doorways in your home. You can also put garland around the edges of mirrors in your home. Choose an elegant silver color for a wintery look, or go with red or green garland for a more traditional look. 

Make Window Displays

Dress up your windows for the holiday season by creating your own seasonal displays. All you need is a painted frame, some ornaments and a few ribbons. Paint the frame in a seasonal color, then glue ribbon in a zigzag fashion inside it. Hang the ornaments from the ribbon, and set this display in front of a window. 

Focus on Smaller Decorations

You don’t need a ton of space to decorate for the holidays. Make use of smaller spaces, such as side tables, to add festive touches to your apartment this season. Spruce up these areas with small seasonal decorations, such as holiday candles or knickknacks, that don’t require a lot of room. 

Make Your Table Festive

Decorate your table for the season with a holiday-themed tablecloth and place settings. You can also put a festive centerpiece in the middle of your table. You don’t have to wait for holiday dinners to do this. Having your table dressed up all season long adds holiday cheer to your home.