A high-risk driver indicates the existence of a major traffic offense, inexperienced driver, or repeated traffic violations on one’s driving record. When an insurance company has listed someone under the high-risk category, it connotes that the person will get immediate cancelation. Following a cancelation, it can be difficult to apply for new policy even with another insurance provider.

Auto insurance is a business just like any company that offers you some services. An insurer protects its clients from financial setback after an event of an accident. The cost of medical care and property repair are no longer burdens to the customer because the insurer provides a payout to a limited/unlimited amount depending on the insurance policy and state’s regulation.

Avoiding high-risk driver, a common practice

Someone with a bad driving record has the potential to repeat the same offenses and, therefore, the likelihood of filing claims also increases. The nature of all business is to make the highest possible profit at the lowest possible expense, and auto insurance falls into this paradigm so avoiding high-risk driver is not an uncommon practice.

However, being a high-risk driver does not mean that it is impossible to get insurance, but one must purchase non-standard coverage that is more expensive than its standard counterpart. Goodtogoinsurance has more than 25 years of experiences in non-standard coverage market, and the company does, in fact, specialize in providing insurance for high-risk drivers.

As a subsidiary of American Independent Companies, Inc., Good2go auto insurance is working with a network of liability and casualty companies across the U.S. This network assists with limitation of state’s licensing, which means the company will be able to provide the required coverage through a network of underwriters regardless of where you live. Every state has a different set of laws regulating auto insurance, and a driver must purchase a package of coverage that meets the state’s requirements. Together, the subsidiaries cover most states in the country. Goodtogoinsurance can refer an applicant to another company within the network. Other subsidiaries of American Independent Insurance Company, Inc. include:

  • American Independent Insurance Company (Parent)
  • Bankers Independent Insurance Company
  • Omni Insurance Company
  • Omni Indemnity Company
  • Personal Service Insurance Company

Insurance Companies and DMV

Every state has a local DMV that keeps vehicles’ data including an identification number and any existing traffic violation. An insurance company can ask for the data before a client’s policy renewal to determine premium (either an increase or decrease), discounts, and cancelation. In case your record is full of traffic tickets, chances are your insurer will cancel your policy. Some traffic violations that affect premium or lead to cancelation are:

  • DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)
  • excessive speeding
  • illegal street racing
  • reckless driving
  • driving without license
  • serious accidents that cause death or excessive amount of property damage

Besides traffic offenses, some factors such as age, lapses in insurance and car models can lead to high-risk categorization too. Either teen or senior (more than 70 years old) drivers are also high-risk due to lack of experience and possible loss of visibility. Certain car models including sports cars and supercars may also affect the categorization because they tend to go fast and lack of safety features for example traction control. Antiques and collectible cars can be difficult to repair due to scarce or expensive original replacement parts, and some insurance company can deny providing policies for such vehicles. Those factors are not the main considerations for Goodtogoinsurance to approve your application.

How to Reduce High-Risk Premium

The best way to reduce insurance premium for the high-risk driver is to purchase only the state’s minimum liability coverage requirements. In most states, the requirements cover medical care and property damage. Because non-standard coverage is already expensive on its own, high-risk drivers try to cut cost by omitting optional coverage, e.g., Comprehensive. Goodtogoinsurance does offer Comprehensive and Collision coverage as optional, but those two are as important as the bare minimum requirements.

Unlike liability coverage that gives payout for the other party in an accident, Collision is a protection for your vehicle. This coverage provides financial protection in case your car needs repair due to an accident. Comprehensive covers every non-accident-damage and this may include vandalism, theft, fire, falling objects, and more. To make the policy more affordable, $20 down payment car insurance has three payment options: monthly, quarterly, and annually. Monthly payment means you can pay the premium for one year as installments once in a month. Quarterly allows you to pay once every four months, and annually is an up-front paid-in-full method. Annual payment comes with up to 31% discount on the premium.

Easy Application

You can ask for quotes from the official website of Goodtogoinsurance free-of-charge. When applying, every client must provide personal data such as name, age, and car models. There is no need to provide credit card history, past driving record, and other sensitive information. Good2go auto insurance does not use such information to determine approval and premium. It only needs basic personal data to provide the coverage you need. Once you have purchased the policy, Goodtogoinsurance will send valid proof of insurance via fax or emails. You will also receive the same document via mail.


To reduce the premium even more, Goodtogoinsurance offers at least twelve different discounts in three categories including Policy, Driver, and Vehicle. The total amount of premium fee reduction from those discounts can save you a whole lot of money because the policy discount alone can lower your premium down to 40%. Also, vehicle discounts have easy eligibility requirements that can save 15% more.