Nothing has been left out in the modern age of innovation and advanced technology. Caravans are also included in the list of the transformed items. Traditionally, caravans were small sized and had less appealing features.  Modern caravans are the perfect example of innovation. Fat Lama offers wide range of caravans for rent which meets your different needs of travelling. Whether you are looking for the static caravan or the mobile caravan, outstanding accommodations are available for you to accommodate your stuff, when your home is undergoing renovation or you are on the trek.

Accommodation features that you can enjoy in the caravans

Caravans are available with different types of interior spaces and have different sizes and structures. Customization facility is also available if you are planning to buy a caravan. It allows you to design caravan space according to your own needs. However, if you are looking for the best features in the static caravans for rent, you should look for these mentioned features that make your accommodation comfortable and make you feel the luxury:

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  • Bedroom
  • Fold out sofa room
  • Shower room
  • Central heating
  • Fridge
  • Double glazing
  • Decked area to relax

Many caravan rental companies take care of the accommodation needs of their clients while travelling with caravans. Hence, they provide other rental facilities like lines and beddings, TV, cooking appliances, tasteful furniture and fire extinguisher. All these types of rentals make our trip amazing and exciting.

Tow your home to everywhere

Mobile caravans accommodate your things when you are travelling particularly to those places where there are no accommodation options available. Many times, travelers like to stay in their caravans to rest to save the high rental cost of hotels rooms or holiday homes. You can crash into the caravan after spending a long day on beach, hiking or trekking. You have to tow your caravans and stand it to get the home like feel.