In the best of circumstances, you would get a car appraisal before it suffered damage or was totaled in an accident. However, when you do not have such an appraisal on file with the insurance company before damage occurs, then you may feel like you don’t have any options open to you to get a fair settlement from your insurance company. You do, though: a total loss car appraisal Laguna Niguel CA can help you get the money you deserve from your insurance policy.

A “total loss” happens when it is more expensive to repair your car back to its original state than the total worth of the vehicle, or its actual cash value. Even though the insurance company has to follow specific state laws, they can also set their own policies for what constitutes a totaled vehicle. (State laws often say that the vehicle must have a specific percentage of it damaged before an insurance company can say it is a total loss.)

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If you have a collector car, you probably have agreed value insurance, which ensures that you get the value that you insured it for. However, if it was your daily driver that was totaled, you probably have stated value insurance that allows your insurance company to pay you the lesser of two amounts: the stated value of the vehicle on the policy or the actual cash value, which the insurance company will be in charge of determining based on its estimate, not you.

Getting a total loss car appraisal is one way to make sure that you get a fair settlement from the insurance company, whether you decide to go with a full settlement where you let the insurance company have the car, or you get a partial settlement where you can salvage, sell, or donate the vehicle to charity.

A professional and experienced appraiser will look carefully at your vehicle, taking dozens of photographs to document every detail of the car. Then they will look at the sales of comparable vehicles in an extensive database to discover what the original value of the vehicle would likely have been and the new value of the vehicle, given its damage. This appraisal you can then give to your insurance company as evidence of the vehicle’s worth pre-damage.

Call an appraiser today for a total loss car appraisal Niguel CA! Your appraisal will help you protect yourself against an unfair insurance settlement.