Franchises need to be able to send their information out to all of their local customers in different locations. Franchise owners need a tool that makes it easy for them to contact their potential and current customers with promotions, product announcements, and more. With our franchise email marketing software, you can access powerful tools to engage your customers and not break the bank.

With our email marketing system, you can create bright and engaging emails that will help you increase your conversion rate. Customers will see your products and services and be interested to contact individual franchise owners and learn more. They may even want to go directly to your website and purchase.

The email marketing program allows you to upload a list or create a list of contacts. You can create easy-to-use drag and drop emails using our mobile-friendly templates. That means you can send out beautiful emails to customers while you’re out and about and using a mobile device.

Additionally, you can nurture customized campaigns by improving your lists, or resending emails to those on your lists who haven’t opened emails you sent. You can see who is engaging with your emails and who isn’t. This can help you increase sales and profits. Another benefit is that you can share or manage your contacts to help keep your marketing campaigns organized.

With our straightforward pricing, you can anticipate your costs more easily. You pay per the number of emails that are sent, not by the number of contacts. So you can more readily control your budget for email marketing, and easily increase or decrease the amount at any time. You pay one amount for all of the emails that all of your franchise owners send out.

Corporate headquarters can see the bird’s eye view of the emails that individual franchisees are sending out. This helps you keep tabs on how much is being sent, where engagement is the best and worst, and other analytics that can help you increase your business’ overall success.

Open a free account, and try our franchise email marketing program out today. The program is simple to use, and it improves your email marketing right away with clean and sleek templates that are sure to catch your customers’ eyes. With the easy-to-understand pricing, you’ll control your budget and increase your sales at the same time.