Drivers are facing increasingly dangerous trends on today’s roads, and it’s not like drivers haven’t always had their share of difficulties. For example, DUI fatalities account for a third of all on-road fatalities in the United States. Impaired driving has always been something that safety experts have had to cope with and many people have lost friends and loved ones to this dangerous act of negligence. Drunk driving is a trend of the past that continues in today’s world and is certain to be there tomorrow.

But what about the new cars on the road and the distracting technology that they’ve taken on the road. There are some SUVs, cars, and trucks now that have a full high-tech dashboard that gives them immediate access to things they don’t just listen to but LOOK at. And although it’s a little too early to panic, there are already mounting stats that show these technologies increase the risk of accidents on the road.

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The radio itself has long been a part of cars and trucks, pretty much since they first hit the road. So, this isn’t the first time that a form of entertainment has distracted drivers. But today’s on-board technology is more visual in nature and requires more complex action than just flipping a channel on a radio. Because of this, there will certainly be safety upgrades in the future that will make this technology available in the car but less distracting than it is now. For now, accidents have already been attributed to these in-car systems.

CPR law (stands for (Cohen, Placitella& Roth) is one of the legal organizations that handle auto accidents in today’s fast paced world. It’s a tragedy when anyone is injured because of irresponsible and negligent behavior on the road but it’s law firms like this that demand and get justice for the victims of irresponsible behavior on the road. Just because there is an online technology system in the car doesn’t mean that the driver has a free pass to ignore the rules of the road and the other cars on it. When someone is distracted by their technology and causes a tragedy on the road, law firms like this step in and make sure that justice is seen through to its completion.

Compensation is one of the big words in personal injury law. It means that someone who has wronged you pays damages for the suffering you or someone you love endured at their hands and because of their actions. Lawyers like this are passionate about the work that they do. Not only do they pursue justice because they are trained to do so but because they are fellow human beings who have a sense of right and wrong. No one is above the law. When a distracted driver causes injury on the road, it’s up to law firms like this to make sure that the victims are compensated. This might come in the form of monetary damages for pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.