Make Any Room In Your Home Multi-functional

Wall beds are a fantastic space-saving product that will maximize your floor space by using previously unused wall space. Or at least that’s how traditional wall beds work. Today, the technology involved in wall beds has come a long way, and we aren’t simply limited to the classic Murphy style wall bed that folds out of a closet or wall.

At Wilding Wallbeds, you will find a number of Dual Function wall beds that are comprised of some of the most cutting edge technology available in the industry. Now you can save space with versatile furniture that serves two functions, adding a new level of function and character to your home.

Simply put: people like wall beds. Not only for their convenience and space-saving capacity, but also because they are fun, creative products that add character and style to your home. Our Dual Function wall beds have taken that aspect of wall beds one step further. When you have family and friends over, they will have no idea that your beautiful furniture actually has an extra function built right into it, and you’ll have plenty of fun showing it off!

Our Dual Function Wall Beds

The Disappearing Desk Bed

With this product, we have combined functional efficiency and beauty through exert engineering. The Disappearing Desk Bed is a beautiful, functional bed and a home office desk all in one unique piece of furniture. This product is a great way of maximizing your office space. After all, “Why solve one space related issue when you can solve at least two with one product?”

When The Disappearing Desk Bed is in its upright position, it functions as a spacious work surface, allowing you to complete all of your work related tasks using your desktop or laptop PC.

And at the end of the day, when your work is done, simply pull down the bed and your desk naturally tucks itself underneath using our ingenious hinging system, which keeps your desk horizontal and doesn’t disturb any of its contents. No clean up, no removing your computer, laptop, documents, or anything else on the desk: just lower the bed and lie down for a great night’s sleep.

With a 17 inch clearance for any items left on your desktop while in the down position, this product is convenient and easy to access. When the bed is in use, the mattress sits at approximately 32 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress.

While in its upright desk position, The Disappearing Desk Bed is secured by our locking pin hardware on both the left and right sides, guaranteeing safety for both you, your loved ones, and your belongings. And while this bed can hold plenty of weight, avoid exceeding 40 pounds to ensure an easier ability to lift and lower the bed.

The Sofa Murphy Bed

This kind of product has become popular with hotels and anywhere else where one has had to learn the hard way just how uncomfortable pull-out sofa beds really are. Not only that, but they are inconvenient to set up, use, and their scissor-like retractable frames can make them a dangerous liability.

With The Sofa Murphy Bed, you will have a comfortable sofa in which family, friends, and guests can comfortably enjoy visiting or watching a movie, as well as a cozy bed that pulls down easily, folding over the sofa and providing a place where you can relax on a premium mattress.

This product provides an “extra bed” that certainly isn’t uncomfortable like that title implies. In fact, once you’ve spent a night on our Sofa Murphy Bed, you might just make it your go-to sleeping place.

The Sofa Murphy Bed is made from all real wood furnishing (that means ZERO particle board), and is available in a number of different colored materials, so that you are guaranteed to find something that will mesh with your home’s unique style. This product will help conserve your valuable living space. Whether it’s a home, a hotel, or an office space, this product will provide comfort while increasing your living space.

The Drop Down Desk Table Murphy Bed

Our drop down table has been designed into the face of our traditional style Murphy beds, which folds down from the wall. This beautiful and easily accessible drop down table gives you a 36-48 inches long and 30 inches wide table to work on. The size of the table leg itself is designed to match whatever unique face design your wall bed might have. For example, A Presidential wall bed will require a table with a raised panel leg, while a Brittany will require a flat panel leg.

Whether it’s a spare room or a home office, this product is great for adding a little extra work space. This beautiful drop down desk can be used for work or home projects such as craft work, bill-paying, letter writing, laptop use, and anything else for which you might require a desk.

This would make a great addition to smaller living spaces which could use a versatile, space-saving product to maximize your living space. In fact, our Wilding Drop Down Desk Table can even be used as a dining table.

While not in use, this desk can easily be locked in the upright position vertically, and is held securely in place by use of two “thumb-slide” locks, which are positioned right in the center of the table – one on the top and one on the bottom. As the name implies, simply use your thumb to easily slide these thumb-slides up or down. And because the upper lock is over six feet high, it will remain safe and out of reach of children while in the upright position.

The Studio Hideaway Desk

This is a fantastic product that allows you to leave plenty of items on your desk during the day. When you have guests over and you show the the dual function that this product provides, they’ll be totally amazed. No one will even know what this product is capable of, until you show them of course!

As with The Disappearing Desk Bed, this bed can be lowered and the desk naturally tucks itself underneath without disturbing any of the desk’s contents, as the desk remains parallel to the floor throughout the entire lifting and lowering process.

While in the “down” position, you will have a nine inch clearance space between the desk and the bed. However, our Murphy beds can be somewhat altered in order to accommodate the operation of certain desk hardware.