In my interactions with some of the most reputable players in the memory care facilities segment in Sacramento, Sacramento California, I was privileged to learn one very valuable concept: for the purposes of creating space for an individual, it is paramount to honestly, deeply and completely understand that particular individual – understand their perception of the universe, their interaction with the world and whatever they require so as to best perform in their daily lives. However, this school of thought seems not to be practical or rather ideal when one is crafting spaces for dementia residents.  In Sacramento, Sacramento California, the diversity of requirements and expectations in as far as dementia is concerned ends up entailing every single facet of a building. This implies that before constructing a memory care facility in the town, one needs to think through all the necessary details. In as much as all are important for the great level of a memory care facility resident’s experience, there is no doubt that nothing brings about a bigger implication than the interior design of the space.

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With the information on the manner in which people with memory losses perceive and experience the universe, it is possible to come up with a space which is a tool. The particular tool is embedded with built-in prompts for the purposes of helping people with dementia not forget to do such important tasks as eating, dressing or participating in initiatives. Since the space is carefully crafted specifically for them, individuals have the capability of living in a more social, more secure and more peaceful manner in universe they are able to comprehend.

Another very serious concept in designing memory care facilities in Sacramento, Sacramento California is the racetrack concept. This is simply a way of allowing individuals the chance of wandering while ensuring they are safe all the time and everywhere they are. The memory care facilities in the Unites States that make use of this particular design give the residents an opportunity to actively move about while making sure they are always returned to where they began. It is advisable to try as much as possible to avoid all the dark nooks and dead ends because residents have to be kept from feeling trapped or getting lost. Exits or doors where individuals in the facility are not required to go may be hidden by curtains as a way of disguising them.