It is really very tragic when any of your loved ones has to depart due to the negligence of someone else. The loss of companionship and the relationship which one or the surviving members of the family has to face is irreversible, but the financial losses can be reclaimed from the person, who is responsible for the wrongful death. In order to claim for the compensation and get the compensation one must seek the advice of Nelson & Smith, attorney who knows the local laws and are well versed with it and know how to get the claims for their clients.

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Conditions which come under unlawful death

  • If the driver is driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, hits the vehicle or distracted driver hits the vehicle.
  • Due to the malfunction of a heavy duty vehicle or equipment.
  • The owner of the property fails to fence the swimming pool and someone dies.
  • Negligence of the nursing care team of the hospital which resulted in the death of a person.
  • Use of lethal weapon by a police officer unlawfully resulting in the death of a person.

State laws governing the unlawful death

The spouse of the deceased or his parent or child can claim for the wrongful death. There are two ways by which death claims are made in the state of Georgia. One which is claimed by the family or next of the kin of the deceased person and the other claim is being made by the state. The compensation of both the claim first goes to the state. Then the family claims to cover the damages occurred to them. The damages done to the family are of financial and non financial nature and the family can claim to cover both types of damages.