Methandrostenolone or also known as Dianabol blue hearts are one of the most common steroids in the markets used for bulking cycle. They are called the blue hearts because of their appearance. It is mostly famous for its fast acting effects among bodybuilders and athletes. The results usually vary on the dosages taken. So if you are planning on starting your bulking cycle with Dianabol blue hearts, there are many things you need to know about the steroid and its effects.

How to Know Whether Real or Fake

In most of the developed countries, selling and buying of performance enhancement drugs are banned which may make the purchase of Dianabol tougher. But you can get a doctor’s prescription of Dianabol blue hearts and get them online or on sale in black market.

It shouldn’t be difficult to find Dianabol blue hearts as its demand is much high in the market. But there are many unregulated labs that formulate these steroids like Danabol DS blue hearts or Reforvit B. You should be cautious while buying Dianabol because you may end up buying the other illegal steroids which are not officially lab tested.

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Dianabol Blue Hearts Results

Mostly Dianabol blue hearts are used for gaining muscle mass and improving muscle strength. The results of Dianabol blue hearts are very fast and effective. They are majorly popular among bodybuilders as it helps them in building body strength and increasing their appetite.

You can also stack Dianabol blue hearts with testosterone for best results. Both of these hormones combine to produce better results than they do alone.

Dianabol Blue Hearts Cycle

Dianabol blue hearts cycle can start with 40 mg tablet per day for up to four to six weeks. This is the higher dosage cycle of Dianabol blue hearts. For milder dosage and keeping the risks of side effects minimal, you can start off your cycle with 10 mg tablets and increase the dosage in coming weeks gradually.

Like any other steroids, Dianabol blue hearts also has side effects. For women, the side effects may be worse and thus it is recommended that they should not choose Dianabol blue hearts for their bulking cycle.

Taking Dianabol with other supplements lowers the risk of side effects. As sell of Dianabol is prohibited in many countries, it is recommended that you have a prescription form the doctor and then purchase Dianabol blue hearts or you may end up in legal troubles.