Top 5 Types of Indian Silk Sarees Which are Forever Unbeatable

If anything which pops up first in mind while talking about sarees, silk saree takes the spot without any doubt. Made up of finest fabric and matchless craft, the traditional drape can cast its spell on anyone and make people surrender to its undying charm. But do you know how many different types of silk sarees our country actually has??? Well, there are many and we just can’t define all right now so let’s just stick to the most popular and intriguing ones. There are five types of silk sarees for women which are extremely gorgeous and breathtaking. These ethnic women drapes are unparalleled and forever unbeatable. It’s time to discover these exquisite staples and catch with online women designer sarees to buy these luxurious women wears of all time. Here is the list of the most popular Indian silk sarees and the states these clothes belong to –

Chanderi Silk – Madhya Pradesh

Hailing from the place called Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi silk sarees are made up of highest quality silk and are widely known for their shining appeal. These sarees often come in bright dark hues like black, brown and are embellished with precious stones and embroidery work. The best thing about Chanderi sarees is that these sarees are very light in weight and breathable, making them the most preferred choice of fashion lovers. What are you still waiting for???

Banarasi Silk – Uttar Pradesh

In real sense, this is the most popular and richest type of Indian silk saree. Banarasi silk sarees are crafted with precious silver and golden zari work and these incredible arts are the result of extensively skilled craftsmanship. Some of the famous types of Banarasi sarees are – Organza, Tanchoi and Katan. Indian women prefer to wear these lavish drapes during wedding functions and other important festivities.

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Kanjeevaram Silk – Tamil Nadu

If North India has Banarasi silk, then South Indian culture is no behind and this part of the country is the pride holder of magnificent kanjeevaram silk sarees. Known for its intricate zari work and appealing borders, Kanjivaram silk sarees just can’t be put in words. The beauty and charm of such women clothes is boundless and never-ending.

Baluchari Silk – West Bengal

We all know that West Bengal is known for its traditional sarees because the clothes from this part of the country speak of uniqueness and sophistication. One such women drape is baluchari silk sarees. The best thing about this silk sarees is that they are perfect choice for office dressing.

Bhagalpuri Silk – Bihar

Majorly worn during important festival and traditional events, Bhagalpuri silk sarees come from the Indian state of Bihar. These sarees are made up of tussar silk and are very luxurious in appeal. So, which one will be your next pick to slay the world with your dazzling ethnic avatar???