Being a badass: what every man secretly imagines himself to be. And although “jewelry” typically isn’t paired with the word “masculine,” William Henry aims to change that mindset. In fact, we’ve had numerous A-list celebrities sport our jewelry and accessories, and we encourage you to take a peek at what makes it so cutting edge that celebs such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Nick Jonas have taken to wearing men’s skull pendants from William Henry.

To start, what is a skull pendant? It involves a pendant, or charm, that hangs from a necklace. Our necklace chains are made from the finest materials, whether they are precious metals or top-quality, fine leather.

Try “The Renegade”

Out “Renegade” men’s skull pendants are highly sought-after because they are easy to wear alone, or layered with some of our other men’s necklaces sold at William Henry, both online and in stores. The Renegade pendant is made with sterling silver and pays homage to the sugar skull – a traditional symbol of Mexico, and it has interwoven details throughout the pendant. This pendant is 1-1/8 inches tall, or about the size of a U.S. quarter coin.

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Sterling silver is the obvious choice for this pendant, and it contains 92.5% silver by mass, and the rest of the 7.5% is made from copper. Sterling silver alloy originated in Europe and has been used as a consumer good since the 12th Century in the region that is now known as northern Germany.

William Henry utilizes precious metals such as sterling silver with our top-of-the-line casting equipment that creates the badass, A-list celeb aesthetic you expect from shopping for men’s gifts and high-end men’s jewelry online.

Try “Blackbeard”

If you’re searching for an even higher-end, rarer gift, take a look at the Blackbeard pendant from William Henry. It’s big, it’s heavy, and it’s definitely the epitome of badass. It is exquisitely sculpted from sterling silver and highly detailed at every single level. It hangs from a substantial cord made out of Kevlar, which you may recognize as the material that comprises bulletproof vests!

William Henry uses woven Kevlar, a product of DuPont that was registered in 1965, because it has a high tensile strength-to-weight ratio. That ratio is 5 times stronger than steel – definite badass status.

Choose William Henry for Men’s Skull Pendants and Other High-End Jewelry

Live boldly. Live carefree. Choose the best high-end men’s jewelry and accessories and shop at William Henry to get the badass style you’ve always craved for your own unique stylish point of view.