Have you been searching for an Austin plumber that understands state-of-the-art technology that can help you save money in the long term? At Accurate Leak, we are professional technicians that install cure in place epoxy pipe relining as one of our techniques for repairing plumbing. This means that we have the skills and modern services you need to keep your long-term plumbing bills under control with low-cost techniques.

What is pipe relining and how can it save homeowners money?

A major reason that homeowners spend too much money on their bills is due to emergency repairs needed that are caused by pinhole leaks in the plumbing. Instead of waiting around for water damage to occur, homeowners are instead having their pipes inspected with fiber-optic cameras, having that area of the pipes cleared of debris with specialized equipment, and then having a trained technician install pipe relining as opposed to ripping out walls to replace bad pipes. This saves the homeowner a significant amount of money on future plumbing repairs, and it also helps to secure the health of the home due to the prevention of water damage.

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Private homes and cities use pipe relining

Residential homes throughout Texas are benefiting from epoxy pipe relining, and the technique caught on in homes thanks to the applications of pipe relining in municipalities. For example, a city in Michigan is currently using pipe relining to repair major sewer failures in the area. One other major application of pipe relining is to help cities by securing the inside of pipes to reduce methane gas leaks.

We line all pipes related to your home

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize there are more than one type of pipe systems in their home until something goes wrong. However, many of these costly disasters can be prevented in the future by having the pipes relined. For instance, in addition to water lines, we also work to reline drains, gas or sewer pipes as well as ventilation ducts.

Are there any problems with pipe relining?

There are few issues associated with pipe relining, and the cure-in-place models have warranties of over 40 years. Regardless, if the product is not installed properly or an incorrect coating specification is used, it can have no positive impact on the pipes. In other words, many companies may offer pipe relining or cure-in-place epoxy solutions for your pipes, but it pays to do business with professionals specifically trained to use the materials in a way that shows they have guidance from the manufacturers.

Let us help you with your Austin plumbing needs

When you need professional plumbing services in the Austin, Texas, area, we are happy to help. From emergency repairs to long-term solutions like epoxy cure-in-place pipe relining, we have the solutions you have been seeking. To get a better idea of what we can do to help you reduce your long-term utility bills and home repair costs, call us at Accurate Leak and Line today.