Pay Per Click or PCC is one of the most heard terms for those who look for effective online strategies to advertise their products or services and have even used it many times. It is a kind of marketing strategy where a company pays a set amount to a website owner every time their ads are clicked by a prospect on their site.

The PCC system was first emerged in 2000 and since then, it has successfully changed the idea of online marketing forever. It is, in fact, an excellent opportunity to place your ad in front of a potential customer exactly when they are looking for your products or services.

Technically speaking, this type of marketing is not only cost-effective and very efficient but is also traceable and user-friendly.  This setup allows both the advertiser and the brand owner to have the control over the relevant keywords that will best represent their products.

However, using PCC also requires you to understand the importance of having a well-secured PPC system in addition to learn how you can avoid nasty situations from occurring and affecting you and your business.

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Click Fraud and Its Indications   

Click fraud refers to a nasty act done by a person with the intention of inflating your marketing efforts in order to increase their own chances of gaining success in the advertising.

If left undetected, this act can lead negative effects on the advertiser making them believe that PPC advertising doesn’t actually work. In simple words, the fraudster will repeatedly click on the ads you put on a website and even navigate around them making the click look natural and normal.

In reality, this is an invalid clicks system that takes place within Google AdWords, and most PCC users feel that this is actually an unsatisfactory solution to promote their products or services. However, there are numerous signs that show fake click fraud, and should be taken seriously when detected. These indications include excessive spend that goes without generating sales or leads, unusual high clicks through rate (CTR), high bounce rate, and unusual high invalid click activity.

How Click Fraud Effects Your Marketing

Many businesses using PCC marketing don’t take click fraud seriously or think how it can bring negative effects to their business. Generally, the act of click fraud can cost businesspersons a great deal of money and work against their advertising strategies.

There are several studies that found up to 30 percent of clicks on paid ads as fraudulent. This type of act even causes Google to lose nearly $1billion every year. Therefore, it is very important to choose an appropriate system that can combat these frauds and help your PCC marketing generate the results you initially anticipated.

How to Get PCC Security

Monitoring fraud click is a vital process to obtain necessary PCC security so you can eliminate wastage and allow the advertiser to focus on other complexities of managing AdWords for increasing the ROI for their customers. In present time, many digital marketing companies offer different automated detection and protection systems that are designed to effectively deal with click fraud. You should check some important information regarding click fraud here Websitepromoter.

In addition to choosing an appropriate protection program, you can use various ways to monitor and reduce click fraud to avoid putting your business in financial ruins. These include monitoring unusual patterns in your PCC analytics, measuring genuine visitor activities, and reporting your observations to the search engines.