Why You Need The American Silver Eagle In Your Collection

Since the year of their first issue, 1986, American Silver Eagles have retained their spot as the world’s most popular series of legal tender silver coins ever minted in the history of the United States-period. American Silver Eagles’ purity, weight, and content are guaranteed by the United States and they contain 1 Troy ounce of pure .999-fine silver. Since you never know what tomorrow holds, there are many reasons why the savvy precious metals inventor and collector would want to add this coin to their collection and investment portfolio.

American Silver Eagles: A Brief History

American Silver Eagles were first struck in the year 1986 under the Liberty Coin Act. Since then, over 400 million of the “Walking Liberty” designed American Silver Eagle bullion coins have been minted in the United States Mint by only the finest silver that was mined exclusively in America. This elegant design by Adolph A. Weinman made its first debut in 1916, when it appeared on the Walking Liberty half dollar. The Walking Liberty coin continued to be minted until the year 1947 and remains one of the most beautifully designed and patriotic coins across the globe. On the other side of the coin is the stunning image of a  heraldic eagle, designed by the famous United States Mint Chief Engraver John Mercanti and includes 13 starts to represent America’s Original 13 Colonies.

American Silver Eagles For Your Collection & IRA

The purity and design of this silver coin is just one of the many reasons that collectors keep it as an essential piece of their precious metals collection. What about investing your American Silver Eagle? Certain bullion is not eligible for a tax-deferred precious metal Individual Retirement Account (IRA), however the American Silver Eagle is the only silver bullion coin eligible for inclusion. Not only are American Silver Eagles, eligible for inclusion in an IRA, but they also carry incredible liquidity. When you choose to add this popular series of legal tender silver coins, you are making a solid investment with pure American silver and monetized as legal tender. Other reasons to add the American Silver Eagle to your IRA and/or collection include:

  • Made In The USA – All American Silver Eagles are not only minted in America, but they also are exclusively made with silver mined in the United States.
  • American Heritage – First struck during the Reagan years, American Silver Eagles showcase beautiful patriotic imagery.
  • S. Government Guaranteed & Investment Grade – The United States guarantees the weight, content, and purity of each silver coin. American Silver Eagles contain one full Troy ounce of .999-fine silver made from America’s finest quality silver.
  • High Liquidity – American Silver Eagles can are easy to buy and sell.
  • A Solid Silver Investment – As the only eligible silver bullion coin, the American Silver Eagle is the silver coin to add to your collection. This tangible asset will help to diversify your precious metals IRA, protecting you from a shaky world market.